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You shouldn't -- unless the sex was especially vigorous. No one can diagnose your health problems online -- even based on the symptoms you provided. You should contact a medical professional/gynecologist for answers to your specific questions and to get an in-person evaluation and any necessary tests or medications.

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What does spotting and cramps mean?

Spotting is the spillage of blood from the vagina not a period. And cramps are the uterus contracting so blood could come out... what we call a period.

Does it hurt to get hit in the vagina?

Yes because when you get hit the uterus stings and you start to get cramps. You can get bruises, if severely hurt. Some people's urine has a little blood.

How do you know your on your period?

When you first start having cramps on your lower stomach and when you pee, blood comes out. Also, before you are actually on your period you get this white creamy stuff that leaks out of your vagina.

What does a recently penetrated vagina look like?

A vagina with a little blood

How do you know if a girl is having her period?

There will be blood coming out her vagina

What does it mean when you have really bad cramps and you vagina is really wet?

It means an egg is coming out of the Fallopian tube. But instead it comes out as blood.

Is it normal to have little cramps at 5 weeks pregnancy?

Minor cramping is normal they attribute that to the egg just settling in and cervical changes as long as there is no blood with the cramps. If there are major cramps or blood than you should go to the hospital to see if you and your baby is OK. :)

Is always blood a signe of a miscarriage?

Blood in early pregnancy is fairly common. If the blood is heavy (and there are clots in it) and you're having cramps along with it.. Get to your doctor as soon as you can.

What are symptoms of your period?

Irritability, mood swings, feeling bloated, cramps below the stomach area, feeling drained or tired, and blood coming out of the vagina.

How do you know if shes a virgin?

You will know if blood comes out of her vagina in the process of having sex

What does a period look like?

A period is blood that comes from your vagina? You can not have a baby before having your periodAnswerA period is blood that comes from your vagina?The period is a cycle where about once a month the uterus sheds its lining which comes out in the form of blood

Why do you cramp during your period?

Cramps are caused by prostaglandins which are chemicals the body produces in order to induce uterus contractions. These contractions help move the blood out of the vagina.

What does it mean if you have a lot of white blood cells in your vagina?

Abnormally high numbers of white blood cells in the vagina indicate infection. Your little army is fighting some sort of microscopic enemy.

Do the blood in your vagina make it stank?

No, blood in your vagina will not make it 'stank'.

Why am I having menstrual cramps for 7 days now?

It is common to have menstrual cramps prior to, and during, one's period. If the cramps become extremely intense, or there is a lot of blood being lost, it would be best to go to a hospital as soon as possible.

Is it okay i had a little bleeding following a blood clot then stopped bleeding no pain or cramps?

If it were me, personally I would get checked.

Positive pregnancy test earlier today but now having cramps and a bit of bleeding?

It is common to have light bleeding and cramps in the early stages of pregnancy. The blood is usually a dark almost brown. But not always.

How do you know if you have a tight vagina?

The "tightness" of your vagina is really dependent on how tone your kegel muscles are. A couple of factors that may come into play when having intercourse: If your bladder is full your vagina will "feel" tighter also when you are aroused blood flow increase down there which will engorge you vagina which will also make it "feel" a little tighter than if you were to try and do a finger check, as fore mentioned without being aroused.

Is menstruation bad before having your period?

I think it bad because it stops the blood from flowing through your vagina

Why am having cramps with brown blood coming out of my vagina?

It is very possible you have a U.T.I *Urinary Track Infection* the first few days of finding out its not too serious but you need to have a urine test done by a doctor asap before it gets too bad to where it will need surgery to be kept from getting worse

How do you know if you have started your period and what are the symptoms?

You will get cramps in your stomach, and have to go to the bathroom a lot, and when you do, your pee will be blood. But you'll be fine, losing a little blood is fine, all females have this problem.

Are you having a miscarriage if you experience a period with no blood?

Some women while pregnant have cramps around the time their period would come at 8 and 12 weeks. This does not mean you are having a miscarriage.

Can muscle cramps be a side effect after donating blood?

I gave blood for the 1st time ever today. I have muscle cramps in both of my feet tonight and feel sick at my stomach. I also wonder if muscle cramps are a side effect of donating blood.

What happens when a girl gets her period?

When a girl gets her period, blood comes from her vagina and she gets a bloated uterus, plus terrible cramps. When girls get their period, she must wear a tampon, or a pad. A pad is a liner that you put in your underwear. A tampon is something that a girl puts into her vagina.

Have been having period cramps since Saturday it is now Monday and still have the cramps but still no sign of a period could I be pregnant you have had a tiny spot of blood but nothing more?

Dont worry, period finally started today