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Could be a partial blockage in the supply lines to the faucet. Could also be a different size of supply line. The faucet valves may also need cleaning.

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What would cause a drastic drop in water pressure in all faucets?

A leak in the supply pipe.

Why would just the upstairs faucets sputter when first turned on?

Air in the water lines to the upstairs. Not enough water pressure.

What would cause a tub faucet to lose water pressure when the other faucets work?

check for leaks

What would cause the cold water in all your faucets to have zero pressure but the hot water pressure is fine?

Lots of stuf can cause it including sediment or a blocked supply line

What causes sudden pressure surges in your faucets and refrigerator door water dispenser?

I would purchase a Watt water pressure guage from your local home improvement or hardware store and check your water pressure at your faucet. If water pressure is greater than 40-45psi your regulator needs to be turned down where the water comes into the house.

What would cause all water pressure to stop?

Stopped at all faucets? Didn't pay the water bill. If in cold climate, the line from the outside to probably the water heater has probably frozen.

What can cause water pressure to slowly drop after the main water valve is shut off and no faucets drip or visable leaks?

With no air in the system anywhere, there would be nothing to hold pressure, so the slightest leak would cause the system to go to zero.

What causes high water pressure in the first faucet on the water line from where it enters the house. The cold water is under high pressure but other faucets in house are fine.?

Possibly a pressure reducing valve installed after piping for first faucet, which would cause situation describing.

What pushes current through a circuit?

Voltage pushes current through a circuit. A good example of how this works would be water pressure and flow. your faucets at home as long as they are closed have water pressure on them but no flow. You open a faucett and the water starts flowing pushed by the pressure. The voltage is represented by the water pressure and the Current (amps) is represented by the water flow.

Why would there suddenly be no water coming out of the faucets?

There is no water, or water pressure reaching the faucet. This could be that your local water service was shut off; either from no payment, or to fix water lines - to, failure of your well (if you are on a well service) or a rupture of your main supply pipe (of such a severalty that you are getting no pressure).

Why would water first rush out of faucets and then slow down?

Do all the faucets do this or just one. if its just one faucet its a problem with this fauset. If its all the faucets in the home its a problem with the main water line coming into your home.

What would the pressure in your kitchen faucet be low if all other sinks in the house are fine?

Most of the newer kitchen faucets have "flow restrictors" to limit water use.

What would cause sudden water pressure drop?

Some causes for a sudden water pressure drop: 1) A big leak on the main supply line. 2) one or more faucets or shower heads opened on the same water line. 3) A utility water pump failure.

Why would your water for your faucets come out slow than fast?

why would my faucet water come out fast than slow

Why would pressure suddenly drop in a shower but still come out of the faucet when the shower valve is closed?

Probably someone or something else using water that drops the pressure. The shower head will be a lot more sensitive to pressure drops than other faucets in the house.

Outside faucets have low water pressure?

This could be a number of issues from the washer expanding due to over use of time which would restrict the flow of water. Or it could mean that the water pipe itself is clogged up and may need replacement

What would cause all the hot water faucets to spout air?

Hot water tank needs bleed of air,

How do you spell faucets like all faucets of the business was his specialty?

Faucets are water taps.I think you mean facets (as in "one of numerous aspects, as of a subject")"All the facets of the business were his specialty" would not be particularly apt, because one cannot specialize in everything.

What would cause the hot water pressure to suddenly drop at one faucet but not at all the faucets?

If the pipes are old, it's most likely that corrosion has built up inside them. Some of this buildup may have become dislodged and clogged the path to the low-pressure faucet.

Does location matter for the density of water?

Yes. Density is affected by pressure and temperature. So of course, water from a hot spring would have different density than water in colder regions of the world. Also, water from different depths would have different densities.

Why would the hot water in the bathtub have no pressure but the cold water is fine There was a leak under the hot water handle We had the sellers get a plumber to fix it now no hot H20 pressure?

You can try following the water lines back to the water heater to make sure there is not a valve closed holding the water back that may have been forgotten after the repair. This being the case, I would be worried that the repair was not check to see if it was done correctly.If you have pressure on the hot water at other faucets in the home, then I would think this could be the problem. Need more help contact me through my board and I will try to help.

If water faucets upstairs and downstairs are turned fully on?

If water faucets upstairs and downstairs are turned fully on, you would be wasting a lot of water. Each faucet delivers about 3gpm under normal use. this kind of use would lower that figure considerably. If there was some kind of question involved here, it wasn't very apparent.

Why would you have Lukewarm water in upstairs showertub but have hot water from all other faucets in the house?

Temperature balance shower body needs to be adjusted

Would the pressure at the bottom of a 3-foot holding tank be different if the tank held motor oil instead of water?

Yes, because the density of oil is less than water. (The pressure would be less with oil.)

What type of water pressure booster system would help increase the water pressure from a city water system?

Davey Pressure Booster Systems with Torrium® control technology would help increase the water pressure from a city water system.