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the assembley behind the facet might be faulty. or if it was recently plumbed it may have had only cold water ran to it. good luck snm

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why do i have slow moving water from faucet. bathtub water comes out very slow and sink too

it is run off of a different line from the main water supply. you may be able to trace it from the hot water tank and see where it branches off.

A whistling noise coming from the shower faucet or when filling the bathtub could mean that there is excess air in the water line. This can be fixed by turning off the major water supply valve and then opening all of the faucets in the home for about 5 minutes. Shut all of the faucets off, then turn the water supply back on.

Much emphasis has been placed on careful conservation of water and electricity. Many grand ideas are presented. Yet it is often the most basic maintenance that can provide conservation benefits. For instance, replace dripping bathtub faucets. There are many different types of bathtub faucets these days, and a simple replacment can save water immediately and money in the long run. Older homes are particularly susceptible to this problem. What's worse, an untended dripping faucet can ruin the veneer of an old tub or sink. Dripping faucets and stained sinks or tubs lower the value of homes for sale as well.

replace or tighten the seals in the faucet.

A leaky bathtub faucet can be fixed by replacing the worn O-rings. As the faucet is used, the O-rings begin to break down and allow water to slip past.

Do all the faucets do this or just one. if its just one faucet its a problem with this fauset. If its all the faucets in the home its a problem with the main water line coming into your home.

Water faucets are in parks. Faucet begins with the letter F.

A tap is the connection for the water main and a faucet comes after the TAP

Your answer may be as simple as replacing the rubber washers inside of the faucet.

No, eventually the water will freeze and then break the faucet. Outside faucets should be sill cocks which shut off inside the house. If it is a regular faucet, the water should be shut off to that line during winter.

why would my faucet water come out fast than slow

If you have an instantaneous hot water heater, and your faucet doesn't flow enough water it won't turn on the water heater. Thus requiring another faucet to be turned on.

You insert it by the faucet in the bathtub and let the water run , or start rubbing it there.

No pressure anywhere or only hot water faucet? I'm guessing just at the faucets. Very often when you open up the water line rust and sediment will break off and plug the screens on the faucet. Sometimes it lodges in the faucet itself. Most faucets have a screen at the end of the spout that unscrews. I'll bet that solves your problem.

Many faucets have a screened aerator to add air bubbles. Check your faucet to see if there is a screw-on fitting. The air makes the water taste better.

Unscrew the aerator from the end of the faucet where the water comes out and clean the screen. Sediment build up slows the flow.

Sounds as if it is stuck. Shut off water supply to it and take apart the handle and cartridge. Take the main internal parts to a plumbing store and get a replacement (made for all faucets) Then install carefully in reverse order to removal.

The water valve under the sink is turned off or has gone bad. It is possible that there is a blockage in the faucet itself. I'd start by ensuring that the water valve is turned off, and take the faucet apart and look for anything out of the ordinary.

They mix air with the water so that it doesn't have as much force coming out of the faucet and splashes less.

A faucet is the metal thing where the water comes out. The faucet is usually mounted on top of the kitchen sink, near the back wall. It most commonly either has a handle for opening and closing the vent and selecting the water temperature, or two wheels, one each side of the faucet -one for cold water and one for hot water. There are also faucets with movement detectors to make the water pour without having to touch the faucet with your hands. The Kitchen Faucet is the faucet located in the kitchen.

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