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You could have a bad master cylinder that sucks air. If you're sure you are consistently getting air in the brake line I'd suggest that a new or rebuilt master cylinder is about the only solution.

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Q: Why would you have to bleed the brakes every week in a 1994 Ford Tempo?
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How do you bleed abs brakes on a 1998 Chevy truck?

Having ABS does not change how you bleed the brakes. Bleed them as you would if it did not have ABS.

Do you have to bleed all four brakes after replacing the master cylinder?

How to fix brake will not bleed out

How do you bleed the brakes on 1990 Mercedes 300e?

The shop manual makes no mention of special requirements. Just bleed the brakes as you would any other car. In case you don't know how to bleed brakes try this link. Hope this helps.

Why would you lose pressure in your brake pad after changing the back brakes on a 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix?

You need to bleed the entire brake system. Bleed in this sequence, RR, LR, RF, LF. If you do not know how to do this, do a search online for "bleeding brakes" THE REAR WHEEL CYLINDERS MAY BE LEAKING SHOULD ALWAYS CHANGE WHEN DOING BRAKES AND BLEED REAR BRAKES

How do you bleed a clutch on a 96 s10 and if it involves the slave cylinder where is that located?

bleed it the same way u would bleed the brakes the bleeder is on the driver side of the trans on the bell housing

How do you bleed brakes on a 1996 Chevy pickup?

same way you would on any other vehicle

Why would you have no brake pressure after replacing brakes rotors calipers and after bleeding the brakes on a 1991 cutlass supreme?

Bleed the master cylinder.& then rebleed the system.

Why would a ducks nose bleed?

A Ducks Nose Will Bleed because, every animal has blood.

Why would the brakes feel soft?

Possibly air in the lines, find someone knowledgable to help you bleed them

How do you bleed a crown vic 1996 abs brakes?

If no air got into the abs hcu then bleeding the brakes is done just as it would be on other vehicles. If air did get into the hcu or if you disconnected any brake like at the master cylinder or hcu then you will need to take it to a ford dealership to have them bleed the hcu and brakes for you.

How do you bleed the brakes on a fiat bravo 1998 20v?

Pretty much the same as you would any other car.

After replacing the master cylinder on your 1996 Ford Aerostar the warning lights on the dash stay lit what is the problem?

Your brakes need bleeding. And if you have antilock brakes, you should take it to a shop to bleed them. It takes special tools to bleed antilock brakes. If you have regular brakes you can bleed them yourself. Could go into further detail but would take too long to explain. Refer to a repair manual. Note: bleeding antilock brakes without first disconnecting the sensor will damage the sensor and the antilock function will no longer work (learned the hard way, unfortunately).

What would cause brakes on 2007 ford escape to grab the fluid is full and brakes are good?

Sticking caliber. Flush the brake system and install fresh brake fluid, then bleed the brakes. If that does not help, replace both calibers and brake pads on the axle where the brakes are grabbing.

Your 1993 mark vIII brakes suck you have replaced the pads and the lines are good is it the master cylinder or a vacuum leak?

Sounds like you got air in the lines so you would have to bleed the brakes. Just saying that they suck doesn't explain much so I went for the bleed the brakes but if it was explained just what is going on with them maybe then it could be pin pointed.

How do you bleed brakes on a 1999 Kia Sportage?

Bleed theÊbrakesÊstarting with the right rear, left rear, right front, then left front. If the boosterÊwas gone, you would hear air leaking out of it when you pressed the pedal down.

Why would a 1996 Chev truck brakes go most of the way to the floor after new master cylinder bleed the brakes. Worked on the brakes themselves but still brakes go almost to the floor.?

You either got the wrong master cylinder or you haven't actually bled all the air out of the system.

Why would the passenger side of your rear brakes bleed but not your driver side I replaced brand new brakes lines and master cylinder?

if all lines are clear,try bleeding master cylinder directly,or you may have a collapsed brake hose on side that will not bleed also check routing of pipes for any kinks.

Why would you bleed a heavy flow every three weeks?

Cause you ask about it on

How long will my Honda Civic brakes last ?

You should replace your brakes almost every 100,00 miles. Many cars will let you know it is time to get your brakes replaced. If you are worried, I would have a mechanic look at it.

How do you bleed a f250 hydraulic clutch?

you bleed it just like you would blled your brakes 2 people one pumps then hold clutch the other opens bleed screw on slave cylinder till you get stream of fluid no air about 2 times then refill master cylinder but there is no bleeder screw on clutch

Which is the most typical tempo structure for a symphony?

Classical Symphonies are composed of four movements. The typical tempo structure of these movements would be to begin with a fast tempo, then change to a slow tempo in the second movement. The third movement would be a dance in a medium to fast tempo, and the final movement is in a fast tempo.

How do your bleed a slave cylinder on a 1995 3.4 liter Chevy camaro standard transmission?

just bleed it like you would your brakes, the bleeder valve should be right on it, you could replace it with a speed bleeder to make it easier, or use a vaacuum pump

How do you bleed the brakes on a 2005 Chevy Colorado?

The same procedure as bleeding any other vehicle unless you have taken the ABS/Traction Control Module off and apart. In which case you would need special expensive equipment to bleed the module of air.

How do you release the back brakes on a astra van there coming on before the front ones?

your back brakes are supposed to apply before your front brakes, they do this so your car does not take a nose dive every time you apply the brakes. but if it is very noticeable i would check the adjustment of your rear brakes (if you have a disc/drum setup) or i would check your proportioning valve if they are locking up

How much would it cost to get a mechanic to bleed my brakes for me?

A complete brake system flush costs about $110 Cdn. so you certainly shouldn't pay more than that for bleeding them.