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There are a few resons for this, usually bad wire connections or a short. It is best to take it to a mechanic that is an automotive electrician to diagnose the problem. This is the best advice on this I can give, but if something is killing your voltage regulators. Also have the alternators checked at an auto parts store, they may still be good. Check the battery and charging system, usually free at auto zone or advance. If you have a week battery the security system can drain the battery.

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What can be wrong with a 1997 Ford Escort that does not start even after replacing the battery and alternator?

If your headlights, horn and everything work, I would have the ignition switch checked out. Make sure you checked all ingition fuses and relays first.

96 Jeep grand Cherokee battery drains in about 2 days you have had the battery and alternator checked and they are fine?

Then something is on pulling power from the battery. Check all lights and relays.

Will replacing crankshaft sensor fix battery charging problem?

No, a battery charging problem will have something to do with your alternator 90% of the time. The other 9% of the time its the battery itself that can't hold a charge, the other 1% is engine electrical relays.

Heater blower motor only operates on high speed settings no fuses in fuse panel relays in fuse panel and which one controls the speeds you need a wiring diagram advise this is for a 2001 prizm?

Fuses and relays are not your problem. The Blower Motor Resistor Pack is defective and needs replacing.Fuses and relays are not your problem. The Blower Motor Resistor Pack is defective and needs replacing.

My power doorlocks don't work on 1999 mercury mystique how do you fix it?

Power door locks have relays located inside the cabin fuse box. Locate the relays for the door switch and see if they need replacing. If so replace the units.

Where would you find the fuel pump relays on a 1999 Chevy S-10?

I found that the fuel relay is the same number as some of the other relays such as the horn. You can check fuel relay by replacing in the horn relay if the horn works the relay is good.

Method of synchronization of an alternator?

there are many ways of synchronization.2.1 Synchronizing lamps2.2 Synchroscope2.3 Synchronizing relaysalso there are wattmeter method and lamp method

What does hazard button do?

It is responsible for all turn signals, there is relay inside this button. Some Aleros have bad flash relays and it is replacing in dealer centre for free.

Why does the fuel pump does not come on when the key is on the ignition is on?

It is in the passenger compartment relay fuse box. This is under the dash board on the driver side to the left of the steering wheel. It is near a shiny metal box, the ECM. My passenger compartment relay box has two relays in it, one for the power windows in the corner and the other for the fuel pump in the center. If you have large hands replacing the relays is quite difficult!The Starter relay in the engine compartment fuse box may also be faulty and should be checked.

Is there a reset button for the electirc power steering unit for a 2003 Ion?

If you've used booster cables recently, you may have blown two fuses/relays in the main fuse/relay block under the hood. Replace these two fuses/relays, and it may fix your problem. This happened to my son's 2004 Ion, and replacing these fuses/relays fixed the problem. Your fuse block chart (in your owners manual) will indicate the location of the fuses/relays.

How many types of relays?

relays are two type 1. Electromagnetic attraction relays. 2. Electromagnetic induction relays.

Your Mazda truck running lights have stopped working which relay needs replacing?

there are 2 relays in a black box underneath the dash on the right hand side pop the cover off it will reveal your 2 relays. one for dome lights other for running and dash lights

Your drivers side power window master switch stopped working but the door lock button is working you checked the switch and it has no power going to it 3 relays r good what nxt 93 Camry xle 2.2l?

in my trail blazer i took the whole switch assembly apart and discovered that a miny diode had fried. It is a matter of replacing the switch assembly.

Why is your BCM making a clicking noise?

A bad resistor can cause your BCM to make a clicking sound. The clicking noise can be caused by the relays and replacing the BCM will fix the problem.

2003 Ford Ranger Trailer Tow running lights not working. Checked fuse located under hood and it seems ok are there any other fuses or relays that I can check prior to taking it in for service?

A person can check the wiring, to see if anything is shorted out. A person also needs to make sure the battery is not too low, and that the alternator is working properly.Ê

Where is the horn relay located on a 1983 Z-28?

I have a 1982 Z28. I am in the middle of replacing all of the relays and fuses in it. There is a plethora of relays behind the dash, removal is necessary and is a relatively arduous task. I recommend you replace all of the relays if you have not done so yet. They are all as old as me and have probably been used as often to boot. There are also relays behind the radio enclosure and in the center console. I believe the horn relay is on the drivers side near the computer dock. Good luck.

Why wont your 1995 Chrysler lebaron turn over after putting on new serpentine belt and charging for four hours?

the starter, altenator, battery, or ignition relays could be bad. have them checked.

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