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It's possible that it is your body's natural lubrication to pass the stool or tapeworms.

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Q: Why would you have white sperm-like substance in your stool?
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Why would you see a thick white sticky mucous after passing stool?

Answer: Passage of mucus in stool can suggest colitis, infection or a villus adenoma / polyp. You need to see your Doctor to check this out

What does blood in a dog's stool mean?

why would there be blood in my dogs stool?

Why would a creamy white substance come out of my cats vagina after being spayed?

The same reason a creamy white substance would come out of a woman's vagina. There is an infection and she needs antibiotics!

What kind of foods would turn your stool light in color?

yellow stool dye #5

What is the average height of a counter stool?

The average height of a counter stool is 26 inches. A bar stool would be 30 inches and stools at high pub tables would be 36 inches.

How would you describe the egg white?

The clear, viscous substance around the yolk of an egg that turns white when cooked or beaten.

Why is the tip of your nose getting bigger and emits smelly white substance when squeezed?

It seems as if there would be acne on the nose to cause it to get bigger and emit a white substance. It could also be an infected sebaceous cyst, you would need to see your doctor for this.

When you have a stool sample for the doctor can the doctor detect meth in my system?

Mostly stool samples are tested for bacteria and blood. To test stool for drugs they'd have to liquify it so it would just be easier to ask for urine instead of stool.

Why was baseball called stool ball poison ball and goal ball?

I can't speak for poison ball and goal ball, but stool ball was named for the milkmaid's stool originally used in the game as a sort of home base. The pitcher, or bowler, would throw the ball and try to hit the stool, while the batter would try to hit the ball away from the stool.

Who would you put in a ducking stool?

id want myself put in the ducking stool in a dress and ducked all day

What is happening when you have white feces?

White feces could be large amount of fat being present in your stool. Although this would usually present as a grayish color, it could be a serious health issue such as "dumping syndrome".

How do they test stool for drugs?

They test stool for a lot of things, but drugs, so far as I know, are not one of the things they test it for. (Mostly stool samples are tested for bacteria and blood.) To test stool for drugs they'd have to liquify it, for starters. It would just be easier to ask for urine instead of stool.

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