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Because the surgery didn't work

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Q: Why would you need cortisone injections after arthroscopic knee surgery?
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Why would you need arthroscopic knee surgery?

Arthroscopic knee surgery can happen under many circumstances; torn cartilage, ligament surgery, water on the knee, patella damage, etc: This form of surgery is used as often as possible as the complications are often less.

After arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus my knee can't straighten out Would just plain arthritis probably be the reason?

After joint surgery it is often necessary to exercise the joint to get it functioning properly again.

Why would lidocaine cardiac injection be used in a typical surgery?

No, lidocaine cardiac injections would not be used in a typical surgery. It would be used for procedures that are done in the office, where only a small spot on the body needs to be numb.

How soon can you get a tattoo after an arthroscopic surgery?

I have the same question, and would love an answer. As a tattoo artist I would suggest not getting any tattoo work till the surgery is totally healed . The more you body has to heal up at the same time the harder it is on your system , there is also more of a chance of infection because your body is at a vulnerable state. A few month after the surgery is healed would be my suggestion

Can bupivacaine and cortisone injections cause tinnitus I had two injections in my left and one in my right shoulder to relief bursitis?

I can't find anything that lists tinnitus as a result of cortisone. However, after my first shot of cortisone (knees), within 3 days I suddenly had significant tinnitus which has continued now for five weeks. Previously, I was aware that any anti-inflammatory medicine, from aspirin to aleve to celebrex, would cause tinnitus, limiting me to tylenol. However, with the nsaid attempts, when I quit the pills, the tinnitus went away. I'm quite anxious to see if this is going to disappear as the effects of the cortisone do.

Why would unilateral knee swelling persist two years after knee arthroscopic surgery?

1 year after arthrosopy, my knee is more swollen than it was prior to surgery. I've tried everything and seen every specialist out there. No one knows whats wrong. Have you had any luck? Any suggestions for me?

How would underage drinking affect arthroscopic knee surgery?

Firstly, underage drinking is illegal and shouldn't happen regardless of surgery. Secondly, drinking post-surgery inhibits your reaction time and your logical thinking so you may think you are healing better than you actually are and you may end up hurting yourself more via overexertion.

How many equine surgeries are performed in the US each year?

There is no hard data about this, but a reasonable estimate would be in the hundreds of thousands. There are millions of horses in the United States, and a surgery constitutes everything from arthroscopic bone spur removal to castration.

What anti inflammatory drug would be injected for quick pain releif?


Why would cordisone be given after a stroke?

Cortisone can help reduce brain swelling

Can you drink alcohol after back injections?

That would depend on the type and purpose of the injections. Check with your orthopedic doctor or neurologist.

Why would you need b12 injections?

One reason vitamin B12 injections are given is to treat anemia. Cheyzer

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