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An MP3 player is using a build in memory. It also had an 'expiry date'. Such a device will last depending on many times you formatted and copy a files into it. When you deleting a files, it is not 100% deleted because the memory effect problem from the device itself. If the memory is corrupted, you still can delete any files but to copy back a files would be difficult.

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Q: Why would you not be able add any more songs to your MP3 player even though you know it has space because you deleted songs?
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When synchronizing songs from media player to your phone will the songs in media player be deleted or not?

Unless you delete them yourself, the songs should remain in the media player. Not necessarily, depends on what program you are using

How do you get deleted songs off of iTunes back?

You drag it on to your media player, then sync.

What is an algebraic expression of Caroline had 37 songs in her MP3 player she deleted some of them?


How do you get back songs that you deleted on your mpg player?

if you bought it buy it again if you downloaded it download it again

Can songs be deleted from an ipod?

No. You have to delete the songs from ITunes. Sorry

How do you put deleted songs on your iPod?

If the song is deleted, then you can't put it on your iPod.

When my computer was restored iTunes got deleted. When I plug my iPod in will all the songs be deleted from it or will my songs go back onto iTunes?

Yes your songs will be deleted but you can get them off the iPod using a program such as iDump or iPod2Computer Transfer Curtis White

Why has my itunes decided to delete one of my songs and is this going to happen again?

iTunes will not randomly delete one of your songs. You have probably accidentally deleted one of your songs without even knowing you deleted it.

Can you use any mp3 player with mac besides ipod?

Most mp3 players cannot play itunes songs because itunes songs are mostly in mp4 format. The ipod is the only player that can play mp4 formats. There are songs that are mp3 formats in itunes, though. Because itunes is its source for music, itunes only recognizes ipods, but if you download correct software for the mp3 player, it should be able to recognize the mp3 player.

How do you convert real player songs into media player songs?

How do you convert real player songs into media player songs?" How do you convert real player songs into media player songs?"

How do you get songs back on iTunes after they are deleted?

If the song is permanently deleted from every source you have, you will just have to pay for it again.

How do you get back songs that you deleted on your iPod?

You can't, you have to reload them on it.

How many minute songs can 4 gigabytes hold?

4 GB can hold about 1000 songs. This depends on your player though. Also it depends on the size of the songs. If the songs are 4mb then it's about 1000 songs.

I am pretty sure I deleted my itunes application by accident because all the songs are gone How do you get your songs back without having to buy them all over again?

=there's no choice live with it=

You deleted songs off of your samsung juke- but the phone still thinks the memory is full even though all of the songs were deleted how do i let the phone know the memory is available?

You didn't install the drivers before using the juke- install the drivers and then go to tools and security and click reset phone- this will delete all memory including contacts and afterwards you will have to update your phone by calling *228. Then songs may be deleted and added simply by going to my computer. see how do i delete a song from samsung juke.

How do you restore deleted songs on samsung p2?

i have the same problem

How you delete songs on an iPod touch?

Go to songs and swipe your finger across the song you want deleted

How do you delete songs from your i pod touch?

The songs can't be deletes with the iPod. They must be deleted using iTunes.

How can you be able to keep songs that were deleted from the CPU without losing the songs in an Ipod Nano?

Put the songs back onto the computer from the ipod.

How do you get your songs back in your library on Frostwire it deleted all my songs when i put them on my phone?

It will do that just download them on the ipod again

How many songs can you save in real player?

Well i don't really know but some of my music on real player got deleted and put into a real player file which was a whole bunch and there was so much it had to be stored in a file.

Why don't the songs on ipod don't delete when you have deleted them on itunes?

try syncing again

Does your PC get faster if you delete songs you had on it?

Yes it does because it doesn't have much memorie to remember so it will. Just like my iPod touch if I deleted songs or pics it would load things faster than before!

How do you recover music from mp3?

Do you mean you have already deleted or lost some Songs off your MP3 player? If yes, then take a MP3 recovery tool as soon as possible before those songs are overwritten. Also remember - not to save more files to the player before recovery.

You want to add some songs on to your iphone but your whole iTunes library got deleted though they are on your iPhone you want to add some songs in your library to your iPhone How do you do this?

you download a program like "ipod ripper" by searching on google. And download all songs from your iphone. Then add them to itunes. Then sync your iphone with the new library