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Is there a video camera app for the iPod touch?

No, there is not a video camera app. The iPod Touch does not have a video camera, so it would not be useful on an iPod Touch.

What is the best video camera I can buy?

The best video camera for a person is subjective; it really depends on what you want to use the camera for. For simply recording special moments a Sony HD video camera would be optimal.

Are camera printers the same as film printers?

"Camera printers are not quiet the same as film printers. Film is often developed, not printed so it would be different than hooking up a camera printer to a camera and directly printing your pictures."

How would you make a video camera?

buy one!

How do you pause your camera during a video?

That depends entirely on the camera. You would need to consult the manual.

What is the best video camera for a kid?

The best type of video camera that is best for a kid, would be one that is very durable and long-lasting. It would have to survive lots of wear and tear.

What would you call a camera that also takes videos?

A digital camera with a video feature. Keyword, feature. Since it's just a feature, don't expect video camera capabilities on the still camera. Be warned. Sound is a separate feature. It doesn't mean that if the camera does video, it automatically records sound too.

What is better for a 12 year old a A video camera or a New mobile phone?

I am a tween, and I would say a mobile phone. I have both but in dangerous situations a video camera is not going to help you. Have fun with your new video camera or cell phone!

What would you look for in the best digital video camera?

In my opinion the most important things to look for when buying a digital video camera are the quality of the video, the quality of the sound. I don't have one myself.

How do you use a video camera on your computer?

The easiest way to use a video camera on a computer is get a TV card put in your computer, i.e. Wintv products. They come as usb or pci cards, i would go for the pci card type myself as usb can be a twitchy connection. The way i would connect the camera would be ,, connect a video recorder or DVD recorder to the card and run a camera off the inputs of the recorder. then tune the video or DVD recorder and use its aux control and then your cam output will be visible.This would be recognised as a video source anyway which means you could use the camera for social networking too.

Where can I find a waterproof video camera?

You can find a waterproof video camera by going online or shopping at your local stores. If you are buying online I would suggest going to Amazon or EBay.

What if everyone in the world had a video camera?

The world would have more porn. Which is awesome.

What is the best video camera on the market for a novice?

The best video camera for a novice would be one that only has basic settings or controls to operate. HDD cameras are the most expensive option and DVD are cheaper. It would also depend on how you want to edit or record your video.

What are some good quality digital video cameras?

If you are purchasing a new camera for home movies, I would suggest getting a digital camera like Nikon that can record video because digital video cameras are very expensive. That would be the cheaper route to go.

Do the verizion razzle have video?

The Razzle has a poor camera and no video you cant receive video either. other phones would be better if looking for good camera and video recorder. if you want to be able to actually see the pics you take get a Cosmos (lg)...... so in short no video.

What would be the use of a pet camera?

A pet camera is a small digital video camera which is attached to an animals collar. This gives the owner an insight into what the animal does when the owner is not around.

Do web cameras produce analog video or digital video?

A web camera or "webcam" by definition produces digital video. An analog video camera would require some kind of analog to digital conversion in order to be used for the types of applications that webcams are used for.

What is the highest resolution on a pocket video camera?

There are many of these knockoffs out there, but the best phone I found would be the flip video camera which as 5.0 mega pixels. Also cell phones now a days are turning into regular camera with 8 mega pixels.

Which program would you need to download home video from your jvc digital video carmea model gr d27ou into your mac computer?

Connect the camera to your Mac and run the iMovie program. iMovie should recognise your camera and you can then import your video.

How do you make a great doll movie on a cell phone?

You probably can't. You would need a good Camera or Camcorder/Video Camera. Unless your phone has some really high quality picture/video on it.

What would be a good digital camera with video?

The Sony Alpha NEX-F3 is a renowned digital camera notable for its video quality and auto focus system. It is a very good camera wich is aimed at most customers, with a cheap price tag of $600.

How do you hook up a green screen to your computer?

You cannot connect a green screen to your computer, green screens do not have any cables or hardware connections, but you can capture video of a green screen to a computer. To do this you need a video camera, a video capture device, and video editing software. You would connect the video camera to your video capture device, and the device to your computer. You would then open up your video editing program, tell it to capture from your device, and hit record on your video camera. Once you are done recording you would tell the program to stop capturing footage, and then save out the captured footage as whatever file type you want to composite with. Note: a video capture device may not be required if your video camera (and computer) supports either a fire-wire or USB connection.

Can you use a digital camera to make a film?

most digital cameras support video and often have microphones, however size and quality of the video will often be poor. you would be better buying a specic video camera if you want to shoot more profetionally

Is it illegal to have a video camera pointing at the next door neighbor windows?

It more than likely is. If not, in the very least it is immoral. Why would you want to do that? I don't really think you'd appreciate it much if someone had a video camera focused on your windows would you?

How do you make a vlog?

Vlogs are a type of journal. To do one all you need is a video camera, then you just say to the camera what you would write in a journal or diary.

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