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sometime the brake release switch may not work. depress the brake see if the brake lights is working. it may be connected or may have a separate switch. new vehicle you must put your foot on the brakes to shift out of park some vehicle have a by pass switch on the gear shifter.. sometimes the switch might just slip out of the holder for the release check for broken wire good luck hope this help

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Q: Why would you not be able to shift out of park in a 1999 Avalon?
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Why would a 1998 Mercury Tracer LS NOT be able to shift out of park?

Check the stop lights - shift interlock is usually the same circuit - check fuse Move the ignition switch to 1st position (unlock) with engine off - then shift to neutral to start vehicle and then you will be able to shift to "D or R"

Why would a 1990 cummins 5speed not be able to shift out of third gear?

Bad clutch pak

How do you do the wiring in an 2002 Avalon stereo?

I bought a kit from all places, Wal-Mart. Turns out I bought the plastic parts thinking it had the wiring along with it but it didn't. But what it did have was the wiring diagram and I was able to match our 1999 Avalon with the wiring with the new stereo. With lots of thread baring and joining together, it works perfectly. Later at Wal-Mart, they do have the wiring kit that would have made it a whole lot easier.

How can you shift gears without being able to use your right arm?

Sure, you can use your left arm to shift or have a passenger shift for you.

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When Brakes lights will not come on and gear shift will not go in drive would abs relay be the cause?

Check fuse for stop lightsStop lights and shift interlock are in a common circuitMove key to 1st position (unlock)Shift to neutral to start vehicle and then you should be able to shift to Drive

97 eclipse automatic won't down shift?

no it wont its not stick it has to be quick shift so you can be able to do that!

What would cause 2003 crown Vic to not be able to shift from park while running after front end crash?

Check to see if the stop lights are working. Shift interlock and stop lights are on the same circuit Try turning key to 1st (unlock) position then shift to Neutral to start vehicle and then shift to Drive

Location shift lock overide 1999 rx300?

At the base of the shifter above the "P" you will see a small black plastic square. It pries off easily. Underneath that piece there will be a white button, just gently press on that and hold. You will be able to shift out of park. You might want to get your brake light switch checked because that is what controls the shift-lock.

Why would a manual 1999 eclipse not be able to roll while in neutral?

Most likely a bad brake calpier.

How much faster does a shift kit make your car?

it wont make it any faster but it will make it shift harder. if its an automatic it you will really be able to feel the shift. all it does is make it shift faster. this actually causes less wear to the transmission.

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The clutch will not engage ,you will not be able to shift./// the clutch will not (disengage ) making it almost impossible to shift gears

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Why won't your Dodge Caravan shift out of first gear but does drive?

Would anyone have a clue what would cause a 1997 Dodge Caravan not to shift out of 1st gear, able to drive...just wont shift try changing the outputspeed sensor. I have a 2000 caravan with 193000 miles. It was doing same thing, change the sensor and now its work right. I thought I needed a new tranny.

View shift patterns for semi-truck?

The Eaton-Fuller and Rockwell websites should have them. Google images will be able to find images, as well.. you just put in "8LL shift diagram", "9 speed shift diagram", "10 speed shift diagram", etc.

Why would you not be able to shift out of park in a 2004 sienna van?

i had same problem. was an electrical short caused by an aftermarket trailer light cable. once removed it worked fine.

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I would think that one would be able to. For complete answers to this question one might look to inquire with the IBM company to see how and if one can go about doing so.

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Why won't my VW Beetle shift into 4th gear?

Gearbox may be worn There's two places on the 'shift rod' under the tunnel that wears out. It's probably the shifter 'shift coupler' or the 'shift rod bushing' under the gear shift. Pick up the "Bentley" Bug manual for your year and it will tell you how to do it. Kinduv a pain but still do-able.

Why does a gear shift on a 1998 ford expedition get stuck in drive?

If you are no longer able to shift, then it's possible the linkage is broken. If this is a periodic problem, you may need to adjust the linkage or shift cable so that everything is prooerly lined up

Can you shift to 4 wheel drive on the fly in your 2000 Jeep TJ?

Since the front axle spins all the time anyway, yes you should be able to shift to 4-HI on the fly. However, you can't shift to 4-LO.

What do you do when shift lever will not come out of park position on a Dodge Dakota?


can you drive with a bad solenoid pack in trans?

Maybe, but the transmission may not be able to shift gears.

What would cause you not to be able to shift you 1997 grand am car?

Bad clutch, broken gear or fork. Basically trany may be damaged inside unless the clutch or a clutch component in damaged

How do you replace the light on the shift panel for a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

You should just be able to pry up the shift panel and underneath you will notice a small bulb. Hope that helps!