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There are a couple reasons. First what kind of car is it? It could be a relay. It also could be an inertia switch located some where. If it tripped you won't get power to the fuel pump.

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i have an 05 GMC sierra, my fuel pump is getting power for about two seconds then loses all power. it won’t send fuel to the rail, i have replaced the crankshaft sensor, fuel pump, ignition switch, have searched for the inertia switch, and recently theECM
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βˆ™ 2020-10-26 17:37:24
do you happen to know anything about these vehicles to happen to have an idea of what’s going on?
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Q: Why would you not be getting power to a new fuel pump?
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What would stop power getting to the fuel pump on 94 Saturn sl2?

Blown fuel pump fuse or defective fuel pump relay.

Why would a 1996 Ford Contour not be getting power to the fuel pump?

Check all fuses and fuel pump relay. Check the fuel pump inertia cutoff switch in the trunk.

Would a bad fuel relay cause your truck not to crank?

No , it would crank , but if there was no power getting to the electric fuel pump it would not start

Why is the fuel pump on your 1999 Toyota Corolla not getting power?

fuel pump relay, fuse or wires

Why would there be no power to the fuel pump?

that can be because of the fuel pump relay,a severed wire to the fuel pump or the fuel pump fuse is blown.

Power to fuel pump but not pumping fuel?

If you're getting power to the pump this proves the fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relay are good. That leaves only two possibilities. Either the pump is running but it's not pumping fuel. Or possibly the fuel filter is clogged.

What causes no fuel to come out of the fuel pump when power is getting to it which causes a 1991 Chevy Camaro not to start?

If the pump is getting power but not pumping, it's probably a faulty pump. It's also possible that the pump pickup screen is blocked.

Why would a 1997 Sentra not be getting fuel?

In order of probablility: fuel filter, fuel pump fuse, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, control system.

1997 Dodge Neon and the fuel pump is not working you replaced it and it still does not pump fuel?

Check to make sure that the pump is getting power to the Neon fuel pump. Check the pump relay, and the pump fuses.

What is wrong with a '91 Jeep Cherokee if no gas is getting to the fuel regulator?

Blocked fuel line or SOCK (pickup) inside fuel tank-fuse 2 fuel pump OR anti-rollover switch that has been bumped or in a wreck.OR the hose that connectes the fuel pump 2 the pick-up tube inside the tak.or a bad fuel pump. 1st check to see it the fuel pump is getting power. If not check if power is getting to the fuel pump relay.

If you blew a fuse would the fuel pump constantly kick on and off?

No. When a fuse blows it stops power from getting to the attached devices. It would power off and stay off. IF the fuel pump was attached to a self-resetting circuit breaker, then the power might cycle on and off.

Why would you have no power to the fuel pump on a 1992 Mitsubishi Expo?

Check your fuel pump relay and fuse

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