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Not having many bowel movements can come from not drinking enough water (to flush your system), not eating enough fiber (like raisen bran and breads) and a host of other reasons. Runny green bowel movements can come from eating green foods (like broccoli, cabbage, etc). Stress for men and for a woman her monthly cycle can also cause runny bowel movements. I'm not a doctor just a mom of 5 kids, your best bet is to see your own physician to supplement this answer.

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Q: Why would you not have bowel movements very often and when you do it is green and runny?
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What is the meaning of had the runs?

It means you had diarrhea - runny bowel movements.

What is dairrhea?

It is when the bowel movement is runny instead of solid.

What causes runny bowel movements?

Runny foods and water are mainstays of our diet when we are ill. Imbalances in diet, along w/ bacterial or viral infections panic our immune systems into action. Elimination of loose formless stools such as in the case of 'Montezuma s' Revenge' result.

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A runny nose

Cat with a runny water dripping from the nose?

Some cats have a runny nose more often than not. For these cats, it is completely normal. However, if the condition begins suddenly or is accompanied by sneezing, fever, cough or if the discharge becomes yellow or green, it is time to seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Give me four facts about diarrhoea?

really random but: makes you have runny stools can cause pain to the bowel can be funny to people can be contagous like a bug

What are the Effects of hyperprolactinaemia?

you may have increased bowel movements, unexpected urination, flatchulance, iritation of the belly button, a constant runny nose, dramatic loss of hair, hearing decrease, fingers may fall off, the penis may shrivall and curl up, nipples will harden like a wart and fall off. see a doctor

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The poo slowly becomes runny untill it turns into a smooth green liquid

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The poo slowly becomes runny untill it turns into a smooth green liquid

Could you be pregnant peeing more often bad tast in your mouth sore back and runny tummy runny tummy?

It sounds more like the early stages of the flu or that there is an imballance in your diet.

How do you get a runny nose?

You can get a runny nose from allergies. You can also get a runny noes from being in the cold.

Is runny an adjective?

Yup! Runny is an adjective.

If you have chickenpox do you get a cold?

Chickenpox is often accompanied by cold symptoms like runny nose and sore throat.

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Lava is orange and runny

What is the definition of runny and how is it described?

The definition of "runny" means : inclined to run or flow, tending to flow, or tending to run or drip. Runny is most commonly used when referring to a runny nose.

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tending to run or drip: a runny paste.

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Runny Babbit was created in 2005.

Your 3 year old pooped green normal not diarrhea and complains that stomach hurts?

not good Next: He probably ate something green. What matters is what the consistency of the stool was, meaning was it runny or normal? If it was normal, don't worry. If it was runny, watch him and see if he has any further liquid stools, or develops a temperature. If so, contact your Pediatrician.

Should you have a bowel movement three times a day?

Most people only have one bowel movement every day or so. Having more than one might be normal for you, but if it's very runny or odd colored or in any other way unusual, you probably should see a doctor to find out what's wrong.

Why does people pick their nose and eat it?

because they have major craving for snot. uasually it is runny and clear with lumps of assorted green and yellow lumps

I have black mold in my house. My son has problems with runny bowl movements, I have headaches all the time.Where can I go get blood work done in the area to test for mold in our blood.?

Go to the nearest hospital.

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It depends on what you mean and i have had acrylic paint and I did not think it was runny

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Colds, influenza and allergies can trigger a runny nose

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Rhinitis means a runny nose.

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'Runny Grobbles' were invented by the creators of 'In the Night Garden' as a foodstuff that the Pontipine children supposedly eat. In short, runny grobbles do not exist. Sorry.