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It is perfectly normal to be intrigued and think about torture, death etc, and in fact many people associate pain with sexual arousal, although not often to the degree of actual physical damage. You are probably thinking about it more and more because it is a taboo subject, you like the excitement that thinking about it brings you. You need to stop thinking about it as taboo and dangerous, and realise it is probably only your mind testing your consciousness to see its reaction. When you start thinking of it, associate it with something boring, like washing up, after a while it wont seem so exciting, and you will think less about it. Many people find the calculating exercise of controlled, planned power intensely erotic, and there's nothing like inflicting extreme pain for making it clear who's boss. However, unless you want to get involved in bdsm make sure it remains a fantasy. Even if you get involved in bdsm always stick to the key principles: safe, sane, consensual. It's most important.

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Q: Why would you often think about torture?
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How did the Nazis torture?

By beating, whipping, and whacking the Jews. Basically anything they could think of to do to the Jews, they would do it.

What did ku klux klans do to torture people?

they did not torture as just kill they would hang, and or burn with the cross they did not torture as just kill they would hang, and or burn with the cross

Does torture bring health problems?

Most forms of torture require intense bodily harm and often result in health problems.

What would people do when hilter torture them?

Hitler would have the Gestapo commit the torture rather than do it himself, people's general reacton would be to talk.

What is the government's euphemism for torture?

The US government often refers to "enhanced interrogation techniques" as a method to discuss torture without using that word.

What is the worst form of torture?

Do not read this if you have a weak stomach people... I think the worst torture would be sticking a burning hot piece of metal (about 200 degrees) Up the hole of a guys penis. That would be the ultimate torture and extremely painful. OUCH. Also, hanging them up side down and putting the wasabi in your NOSE OUCHx30000. ---------> :)) not gibarish ani moa!

What manner of death ws chosen to those who would not admit to herecy during the Spanish Inquisition?

Often, torture was used to punish and kill people deemed heretics during the Spanish Inquisition. Different forms of torture that often resulted in death included starvation, excessive consumption of water, or burning coals.

Why do teachers like to torture students?

Because they think its fun

When does Nnoitora torture ichigo?

in the episodes when nel transform 156 i think

Why might someone think torture is unconstitutional?

violates 8th amendment

What would George Washington think of America today?

I think he would be shocked. He would look at our politicians and think they were selfish people. He believed that a person should work in government, do their best, and then go home. Not make a life time job out of it. He would be upset over our government's torture of people, and I think he might not understand some of the things we have done to the constitution.

It is morally permitted to tell a lie in order to avoid torture?

It depends on the person and their point of view. I would not think it is right just something that has to be done.

Is torture acceptable?

No. I believe that in most governments e.g. he U.S. that would be "assault" and or kidnapping to do the torture if you took them away to do it forcefully.

How did the huns torture people?

They would whip there prisoners.

What is the best way to torture your twin sister?

I think tickling is the best way to torture your sister. I do it all the time to my sister and she just flails around helplessly.

How do you say torture in Latin?

Torture = Tormentum (noun) Torture = Torquere (verb, 'to torture')

What would the Nazis do to a Jew that misbehaved?

They would torture you and possibly your family, too.

How can Russia play its role in preventing torture in countries that are signatories to international conventions condemning torture of all kinds?

Russia has consistently demonstrated that they are not really interested in opposing torture both domestically and internationally, so the first major action that Russia would have to take would be to reverse its current government policies on torture and end all domestic acts of torture. The next step would be to exert economic leverage to compel its allies to follow suit.

Which letter do you think is used least often?

I would probably think it's the letter "X".

How do Egyptians torture people?

Methods of torture in Egypt entirely depend on the government in power at the time. In Ancient Egypt, innocent people were kept as slaves and whipped. If someone tried to steal somthing from the Pharaoh or his entourage, they were often executed. In modern Egypt, torture is officially illegal, although there are numerous stories of torture by the Egyptian police. Some forms of torture are mild, such as sensory overload, sleep deprivation and similar problems. Egyptian police are also known to have waterboarded and aggresively beaten individuals for information. However, Egyptian police do not often perform the more aggressive forms of torture that are universally condemned.

How do you spell torture?


What manner of death was chosen to those who would not admit heresy in the spanish inquisition?

Torture was often used to punish and eventually kill heretics during the Spanish inquisition. Many inquisitors would starve their inmates, force them to consume vast amounts of water, or heap burning coals onto them. Other inquisitors would use a strappado or a rack to torture and eventually kill accused heretics.

Can the US government torture citizens?

i dont think so because we are living in his country!

The torture scenes in saw are they based on old types of torture like from the renaissance era?

It's hard to say. Obviously some of them are similar to sometihng you might have seen in that era, but they are probobly a person's imagination coupled with knowledge of torture. ( people can think of anything )

What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'torture'?

There are different words for 'torture' but one is creòtachd.