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May be separate problems. A small fuel leak in the engine may be the source of the 2 scents. A coolant leak may be the source of the poor heat and burning smell. Get it checked out before you have a serious problem. Next time you run the car, shut it off, lift the hood and try to smell where the source of raw fuel is, or any rising smoke.

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Q: Why would you smell fuel when you turn on the heater?
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What would make a gas fume smell come in your Jeep after you turn the heater on?

Gas leak. Have this fixed ASAP!

You smell antifreeze when you turn on the heater Is it the heater coil?

Clarification of terminology- Heater core not heater coil. And Yes there is a very good chance that it may be leaking.

Why when you turn on the heater comes up a bad odor?

This is a result of dust and other debris that has accumulated on the coils or in the heater. When you turn it on, it begins to burn off and that is what you smell.

Why does your car heater smell?

If the heater has a sweet smell it could be that the heater core is leaking engine coolant. When the leak gets worse you will have a wet floor on the passenger side and the windshield will fog up when you turn on the defroster.

Why is there a smell coming from your water heater?

If it is a "rotten egg" sulfur smell it is bacteria. Flush the hot water heater and turn up the heat to between 130 and 140 degrees F.

If the front windshield fogs up when you turn the heater on and you smell strong anitfreeze is the heater core bad?

Those are the classic symptoms for a heater matrix (core) leaking

Why does my car smell like gas when i turn on the heater?

It is possible that a car can smell like gas when the heater is turned on for a few reasons. One possible reason that this happens could be a leak in the line.

Why would your car smell like gas inside when you turn on the heater or draw air through the vents?

You might have a gas leak in your front engine compartment. The heater pull in air from the front and therefore if you got a gas leak it will pull the smell in get it check asap.

Why do you have antifreeze on the floor of your car?

You have a leaking heater core. You might smell antifreeze if you turn on the defroster.

Why would your water in the shower smell like urine when you turn it on early in the morning?

it could be the anode rod in the water heater, it also smells like sulpher!

Why would a 1998 Dodge Intrepid heater smell like cow manure when you first turn it on?

It is caused by a fungus which grows on the heater core or the a/c evaporator. There are things that you can spray in the air intake but they don't last long.

Why do you smell antifreeze when you turn on the air conditioner?

You have a coolant leak somewhere in the system, possibly in the heater core.

Gas odor smell with the heater is turn on?

There must be a gas leak. Contact your gas supplier IMMEDIATELY, if the smell is in a house. If it is in a car, have your mechanic check for a leak.

Is the heater coil going bad on my 2001 ford f 150 if I smell antifreeze coming through the air vents if I turn the air controller to off I do not get the smell anymore?

More than likely the heater core is leaking.

How can I tell Heater core is leaking?

If you try turn on the heat and a huge cloud of smoke fills your car, or you can smell burning anti-freeze....then you have a busted heater core.

Why do you get a heavy exhaust odor and film on windows when you turn on the heat in your '93 S10 pickup?

There is a very small leak in the heater core that is collecting in the vent system and is evaporating out when you turn the heater on. The smell is from the antifreeze in the water.

Why would a heater turn on and off on its own?

You set a heater to a certain temperature and when it reaches that it turns off.

1994 Ford Escort Has smell of anti-freeze through vents but no leak and no fluid loss?

Chances are it is a busted heater core. It your window has a fog on it when you turn on the ac or heater.

Why does your house heater smell like its burning?

When you turn on the heater for the first time, it smells because it's the accumulation of the dust from the spring and summer. it's fine just turn it on for about 15 min with the windows open and it'll disappear in no time :)

Is my heater core defective if the inside of my car's windshield fogs up and I get a funny smell whenever I turn on the heater?

Yes. That smell is the coolant being blown into the air ducts. You might also notice a slimy film on the the glass that is very difficult to clean.

What does the fuel heater on your 1997 ford 7.3 diesel do?

You may be refering to the glow plugs. They help the engine turn on.

Why is your car stalling when you turn on the heater?

there seems to be a short in the electrical system, i would start by checking the heater switch,

Why do you smell antifreeze in the cab of your Subaru?

Antifreeze is used to heat the cab of your vehicle. When you turn on your heat in your cab, it opens up a valve that allows the hot antifreeze to flow from the radiator into the heater core. If there is a leak in the rubber tubes that flow into the heater core, or if the heatercore is damaged, you will smell the antifreeze in the cab of the vehicle. You may need new hoses to the heater core and/or a new heater core.

Why does the inside of the 2003 Ford Taur smell like urine when you turn the heat on?

Possible mouse nest in the heater box or duct work in the car.

Why would the air conditioner turn on instead of the heater in my 1998 Toyota Camry?

It's obvious that you have problems with wiring. I would start from the heater/AC control panel.