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see your doctor.

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Q: Why would you start to lactate when you miscarried a few months ago?
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How long would it take for a man to lactate from his urethra?

It is not possible for a man to lactate from his urethra at all, regardless of how much time he is given.

Why would you have sore breasts and produce milk if you had your tubes clamped 6 months ago?

milk production is homorne based. You could have your reproductive organs removed and still be able to lactate.

Why would a guy start talking to you again after months of silence?

He is lonely.

Should you reuse the name of a baby that if it was miscarried?

i believe it would be sad to but its really your choice

Does a chicken have an egg that we eat when it has a miscarriage?

If a chicken had a miscarriage there would be no egg, that would be like asking what to do with the baby I had after I miscarried...

A tissue deprived of an oxygen supply during exercise would have an accumulation of?


Has Cheryl cole ever miscarried?

not that anyone is aware of, i really hope not that would be a traumatic experience.

What would form an electrolyte solution?

Salt in water is sodium. Ringer's lactate solution (sodium lactate solution and Hartmann's solution), is a mix of sodium chloride, sodium lactate, potassium chloride, and calcium chloride in water. Sodium Chloride is a mix of sodium and chloride.

A tissue deprived of an oxygen supply during exercise would develop an accumulation of?


How old was the youngest horse?

The youngest horse would be one of the foals that were miscarried and never even born.

Is it normal that my breast are still sore after I miscarried a 5 weeks pregnancy a month ago?

I would have to say yes. My wife's breast were sore for about 2 months after our last miscarriage. She was a bit farther than that, but not too far. I would still consult you doctor, just to be safe.

Can you die for not drinking water after a few months?

yes, after a period of 2 months your body would be completely dehydrated and your organs will start to fail

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