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Demand verification of the debt.

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Q: Why would you still get calls from collection if it has been over 13 years since you had your car repossessed?
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F a car was repossessed two years ago and you put an old car that a friend had on the road can they come after that vehicle for the money still owed after auction?

No. They can repossess their collateral (the car which was repossessed), and they can send a collection agency to hound you for money, but they can't confiscate your property.

Your car was repossessed after being six months behind and then you get a call from the car dealer after two years trying to repossess the car are you still liable?

If the dealer calls you after the car has been repossessed, then you should inform them that you no longer have the car. They can contact the finance company to verify the information.

Is there any way to block debt collection predictive dialer calls?

If you answer the phone when a debt collector calls, you can tell them not to call you back. That is part of Fair Debt Collection laws that were passed in a few years ago. They can still contact you through the mail, but wont

Who do you contact about debt collector calls?

If you want them stopped, ask for the physical address in which to send a cease and desist letter regarding calls. They can still send letters and proceed to legal collection activity.

Can your car get repossessed after bankruptcy?

not if you still owe money on it

If you had a car repossessed 6 and a half years ago made a few payments after that but still receive collection letters will they stop after 7 years in FL?

The SOL starts when you made the last payment.

If you have never had a car repossessed you have had a house repossessed Can I still get a car loan?

Most likely not depending on what financial situation you're in.

Are you still liable for the payments if your truck is repossessed in Alberta?

Yes you are

Can you still owe money on a car that was repossessed and resold to another buyer?

yes. When a vehicle is repossessed by the bank it doesn't mean that you stop making payments. You are still liable for the loan.

Can you still owe money after your car is repossessed because of the recall?

If it is repossessed, you will owe the difference between the loan amount and what they sell the vehicle for.

If you LEASE a car and have it voluntarily repossessed will you still owe money on it?


Can your car still be repossessed if the payment is 30 days late?


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