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Overheating Computer ChipI had a 1991 Buick Regal that did the same thing. The control chip (computer) was overheating and when it became too hot, the car would just stop.

More than likely the alternator went. Once an alternator dies, the car has to run off the battery to power everything in the cab, as well as the spark plugs and other things for the engine compartment. When the battery gets too low to run the engine any more, obviously the engine would stop running, however the battery isn't completely dead, so it might still power the lights, radio, windows, etc.the topstall or no start problems for buick fuel pump fails when hot next the electronic spark conrpl module bad circuit fails when hot then may restart when cooled off next cam or cranshaft position sensor failure these parts had very high failure rate that buick replaced them out of warantee for some time. also fuel pump wiring in fuel tank have a electrical connector problem that causes power connector to melt

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Q: Why would your '92 Buick LeSabre suddenly stop after driving it for a while but the lights and radio remain on?
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