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It wasn't the humidity.

2006-08-10 09:51:19
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Q: Why would your AC unit shut down in the middle of the night and then come back on the next night and stay on all night and work just fine and could it be the high humidity that shut it down?
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Which is more humid the Sahara desert on a cold night or the Texas coast on a warm day?

Texas on a warm day would have more absolute humidity, but the Sahara Desert on a cold night would have more relative humidity.

What would cause a Chevy S-10 truck horn to go off on its own - in the middle of the night?

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What would be the average humidity on mercury?

no humidity

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Why does the temperature in desert cool quickly at night?

The sky tends to be cloudless and so, lots of heat (the one stored on the ground/sand) can irradiate to outerspace. Plus, there is little humidity in the air. Would there be more humidity, it would act as a temperature buffer. The sky tends to be cloudless and so, lots of heat (the one stored on the ground/sand) can irradiate to outerspace. Plus, there is little humidity in the air. Would there be more humidity, it would act as a temperature buffer.

Can ducks see at night?

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What type of humidity would there be in a town near the desert?

The relative humidity would be quite low.

Does drinking milk at night make you urinate more?

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Can you die from humidity?

Enough humidity would be water, and that you can drown in. But realistically, no.

Is relative humidity higher or lower during the hot hours of the day?

If the amount of moisture did not change, the relative humidity would be lower because there would be less moisture in the air relative to how much that hot air could hold.

What is the purpose of a humidity meter?

Humidity meters are used to measure the humidity outside. Typically, these would be placed on the outside of your house to accurately measure the humidity.

Where would you expect the humidity to be higher a seacoast or a desert?

A seacoast would have higher humidity than a desert.

What is the average humidity on Pluto?

Having no atmosphere, Pluto would have a humidity of zero.

Why is temperature countable but humidity is not?

The word humidity does have a plural, humidities, but the state of "being humid" itself is uncountable. What we actually measure as humidity is the relative humidity, comparing it to the maximum possible at that pressure and temperature. Referring to these measurements as "relative humidities" would not be grammatically incorrect, but you could also use the singular just as well. ("We're going to compare the relative humidity in Texas and Oklahoma.")

What is more comfortable - high humidity or low humidity?

That would be personal preference...I like high humidity, but my mom does not.

Would the average relative humidity on a rainy day be closer to 100 percent humidity or 50 percent humidity?


What are facts about relative humidity?

Relative Humidity is measured with a HygrometerHumidity is the amount of water vapor in the air.On hot days, when it feels sticky, the humidity would then be high.

Why can a desert get so hot during the day and then reach near freezing temperatures at night?

Deserts usually have little humidity and cloud cover that would slow heating from the sun during the day and help hold heat at night. Heat radiates quickly back into space without a blanket of clouds or humidity to hold it in.

Why would your straight hair suddenly start to be curly?

It could be due to many things like humidity in the air or wetness

What is the relative humidity of 32 degrees celsius?

It is not possible to know the relative humidity of a place with 32 degree celsius. It varies with location. For example, in tropical areas like Singapore, 32 degree celsius could still mean a relative humidity of 90% but in desert areas, 32 degree celsius would still have a low relative humidity. So temperature and humidity are not totally related.

Would the desert have more humidity than the beach?

Generally, no. The desert would usually have a lower humidity than a beach.

Can humidity cause corrosion in your electronic book?

If the humidity is severe enough, I would think so. But it would have to be very high humidity over long periods, and without use of the book.

What would be causing stomach pain gurgling sounds and diarrhea at night?

Pain in the stomach could be gas pain, and diarrhea at night could be just the flew. I would consult a docter.

Why are there changes in humidity because of rainfall?

When it rains, water travels from a high altitude, in the clouds, down to the ground, where it can then evaporate and contribute to the humidity of the air at or near ground level. If the water remained in the clouds, then the clouds would have all the humidity, but the rest of the air could become very arid.

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