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Why would your Bonneville charge somedays and then not charge other days you replaced the alt and battery?


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I have a 92 Pontiac and also had similar situation. Sometimes the voltmeter would go to 14volts and other times it would sit at 12volts. When I tested output from alternator to the battery with voltmeter, I did not get a good reading. Upon removal of the alternator to get it replaced, I noticed that the smaller (red) cable that goes from the alternator to the battery was loose in the connector itself. I cut the cable at the connector, stripped the cable some and crimped on a new connector. Reattached to alternator and put alternator back into vehicle. All has been fine since. Hope this may fix your problem.


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A battery that won't hold a charge has a dead cell and must be replaced. This is assuming there is not something on that is pulling power from the battery.

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This particular battery is advertised as being very long-lived. If you are having problems getting it to hold a charge, it may be faulty and need to be replaced.

The battery light coming on in your Town and Country minivan means that the alternator needs to be replaced. The alternator charges the battery and if it goes bad it will not charge the battery.

Generally, no. If you ran the car after the alternator died (which runs down the battery), you may need to trickle-charge the battery for a half-hour or so to bring it back up to a full charge, but most of the time the battery will not need to be replaced.

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