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Do you have the owner's manual for your vehicle (if it is a factory CD player) or the manual for the CD player itself? If so it should contain a chart listing the various error codes and what they indicate. Without a manual to assist, I would assume that either the CD is scratched or in some other way unreadable (sometimes CDs made by a computer's CD burner cannot be read), or the reading laser in the CD player is covered by dust particles and must be cleaned. If you take the vehicle to a car audio shop they should be able to clean it for you. If that doesn't help, they will be able to further diagnose the problem. It happened to my CD player with ALL my CD's. I tried a procedure and it began working again for about 3 months. I wrapped a baby wipe with alcohol around a CD. Then I inserted it gently into the slot, and as the player pulled it, I gently moved it in and out, careful to hang on to the baby wipe so it would not get caught or jammed in the slot. After moving it in and out for about five times, I pulled it out. I then inserted a store-bought CD cleaner disk and pushed the button to track 2 as the instructions said. I let the CD cleaner do it's thing, and when it was done, I waited a bout 30 seconds and inserted a regular CD, and it worked fine. Good luck!

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Q: Why would your CD player register e20 then spit the CD out?
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