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He can't. A man can't say anything about a good woman, to do that would be a hypocrite. He knows you were good to him and to say anything bad about you would make him look like the bad one because he let you go or rather you let him go.

AnswerI think the word "narcissist" has been wrongly used in a lot of cases and especially in this case. A narcissist would not only not admit such a thing to anyone else, but is in denial about this to themselves. I think other things went on (each relationship is complex) and you split-up. He obviously still cares about you and admires you. He sounds like a decent enough guy because he sure has had opportunities to bash you and hasn't. This guy is giving compliments. Doesn't sound like the narcissistic type to me.
2010-06-08 21:39:13
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Are narcissists faithful to a new girlfriend?

It is doubtful that a narcissist would be faithful for long to his girlfriend. They love themselves most of all and have trouble with long term relationships.

How narcissists would treat an old supply that exposed his deeds to ex girlfriend and he was raging about it?

Verbal or physical attacks. Smear campaign.

If someone asked you to be their girlfriend and you dont want to be what do you say?

well the only right thing to do would to be to tell him in a very nice way. now the bad and mean way would to avoid him and never talk to him. but the best thing to do would be to do the right thing

Do you have another girlfriend?

No, I would never have two.

Are narcissists afraid of being rejected when phoning an ex-girlfriend?

Yes. Any narcissist is afraid of having their ego bruised. If it isn't bad enough having an ex-girlfriend, being rejected again would hurt quite badly.

Do narcissists hurt themselves?

Narcissists are generally enamored with themselves, which would lead to the conclusion that they would rarely, if ever, hurt themselves.

Why would your girlfriend never call you by name?

dead people

What is the most romantic thing you could say to a girlfriend?

The most romantic thing you could say to a girlfriend would be to propose marriage to her--but only if you mean it.

Why would a ex narcissist girlfriend keep answering your calls after breaking up but when you ask her to meet she says everytime you are supposed to talk you do not say a thing?

Yes actually. Narcissists thrive on attention and only care about themselves. A narcissist, will talk to you if it benefits them in some way. IE. Attention.

What does it mean when a guy says i will never forget you but has a girlfriend?

It means that he likes you a lot and would probably date you if he did not have a girlfriend.

Is mishon looking for a girlfriend?

the media would never tell you the true answer

A bf would never go down on his girlfriend even though she was a cleanfreak and shaven liked he liked and when the girlfriend asked the bf why he would always change the subject why?

he might never of done that before

What do you get your girlfriend for your month?

Get her some thing that will suprise her and not something she would predict.

Who is miku girlfriend?

Shes a fricken animated thing how would she have a boyfriend!?!?!

What should you do if your ex cheated on his girlfriend with you lied to you about it admited it apologized to you but his girlfriend has no idea?

It means he is playing both sides of the fence. If you like the sex and don't care about the girlfriend go for it. However keep in mind that you would be wise to practice safer sex because you will never know where he had the thing last.

Did Zayn Malik cheat on his girlfriend?

Would Zayn do that, I doubt it! she had that ONE THING so he said to her ITS GOTTA BE YOU and i cant love you MORE THAN THISand i would never cheat on you because thats WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL and i would never be like NANANA and i always think to myself that I SHOULD HAVE KISSED YOU.

Why would a guy stop seeing you because his girlfriend is pregnant?

To do the right thing.

How Can you win your Narcissist ex girlfriend back from a married man?

More importantly, why would you want to? Narcissists NEVER change....NEVER. They only value and see themselves at the expense of everything and everyone around them. They will never "see" you, they will never "understand" or really love you, because you see, in a narcissists world, it is only them. Trust me when I say that she will just use this married guy too. They may be having a great relationship now, but tomorrow she will just dump him for the next best thing. They all do it! I lived with a narcissistic parent, and have had narcissistic partners/friends. It never stops. The best thing is to break it off and have a "no contact rule" No contact means exactly that. No more contact with the individual. They will NEVER love you, they are incapable of love, and at their core is the need to only see themselves to avoid the inescapable truth that they are really nothing on the inside but hollow shells. Check out some self-help books, join a chess team, play some golf or do whatever hobby makes you happy. Find yourself again and forget her!

Why the the boyfriend doesnt want to tell exgirlfriend's name to his girlfriend?

He is probably just afraid that his exgirlfriend would get jellous and do some thing to his girlfriend, if she found out who his new girlfriend is.

Do narcissists have better relationships with other narcissists?

No They only have better relationships with themselves..... new answer: if 2 people have different forms of (pathological) narcissism they can have a relatively successful relationship but two cerebral narcissists, for example, would be fighting in no time.

Does Princeton have a real girlfriend?

no he said he didnt and i bet that he would never lie to his fans.

Is there such a thing as flying pigs?

It is because of the fact that it would never happen and people say it because that means that it would never happen or they would never do it in their life.

I am a girl what do you get your girlfriend for Valentine's Day when she is not really girly?

the same thing you would get a boy.

If a mans wife had a girlfriend who was a narcissist and the man asked her for a date would she tell his wife?

First of all - why is a MARRIED man asking someone for a date? Narcissists love to hurt people - eventually she'd make sure the wife would find out.

Does it mean you hit puberty if you really start liking girls and really want to have a girlfriend?

perhaps, but puberty is never a bad thing :) i would say yes. especially if your between the ages 9-13