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What made you think the coil or starter were a problem? Not knowing the year of your Cutlass it's difficult to give specific advice, but if it is injected, run a diagnostic test using a code scanner. If you don't want to buy one you can rent/borrow from many auto parts retailers. It might be something as simple as an electronic ignition pickup module or something as bad as a slipped timing belt, but without more information it's impossible to get more specific. Check for spark at the plugs, fuel pressure/prescence at the carb/injector,or clogged air filter frst.

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Q: Why would your Olds cutlass turns over but not start you have changed starter coil pack and checked fuses?
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Starter wiring 1997 ford ecoliner?

changed seliniod on starter and on firewall ,checked fuses still won't turn over, if I cross the upper seliniod with a screw driver it turns over but won't start?

Why does an 89 Olds Cutlass Ciera with a 2.5 L engine have no power to the fuel pump even after you changed the fuel pump checked the wire harness and checked the fuses and relays?

It is likely that you have a bad ground in the system... check all the ground wires

Have 1986 gmc 1500 pickup it wont crank starter has been changed out battery is good fuses have been checked any suggestions?

cables and or check for good ground first.

Where is the starter relay for the 2005 Nissan frontier PU Cannotstart the car checked battery and fuses are O.K.?

Follow the + battery cable should connect to the starter relay (solenoid)

Where is the window shield washer fuses located in 1997 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

where is the windshield washer fuses located in 1997 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme

1995 Mazda millenia when you turn the key starter will not engage all fuses are good?

Usually when this happens the starter solenoid has failed -- remove the starter and have it checked/rebuilt. Some auto parts stores can run a check for you also.

Where are the fuses located for 1990 cutlass ciera?

GLove box

Can you help i have a 2004 dodge ram wont start new battery all fuses good wont make a sound has all power wont do anything checked all relays need help?

have you checked the relay on the starter? and check the wire that runs from the started relay to the starter.

What causes a fuse to the starter to break I have changed a couple of fuses. Now the care will not start. 2000 Dodge stratus?

The reason it blows out is because the starter shorts out the circuit. Replaceing the starter solves the problem

92 achieva wont start car has no power checked fuses their good brand new battery fully charged?

Check ignition relay. Jump the battery directly to the starter and see if the starter is any good.

How do you replace the turn signal switch on my Oldsmobile cutlass supreme 1996 We checked the fuses and they are good wipers do not work nor does the cruise control?

On the 94 and 95 you just pull it out. Be careful with the wiring connector.

92 Chevy truck will not crank It is a 5 speed checked the starter battery both clutch switches ignition switch all are good turn the switch all it does is a single click under the dash why?

Check the fuses and the starter relay.

Why horn dose'nt wrk?

Have you checked your fuses?

How do you use fuses in a sentence?

Example sentence - The fuses in vehicles should be checked carefully.

Why won't my 1985 700 virago headlight not work I changed the bulb and checked the fuses under the indicator lights. Is there another?

check the starter button. pull it out and see if the like comes on if it does you might need a new spring in the button. i had this problem on my 86 700. good luck

Chevy Tahoe blowing fuses?

yes i can answer what is shorting the chevey tahoe fuses theres a promblem with the starter wires moving and touch and grounding on to the starter remove starter and adjust wirers

Why does only one brake come on on a 1990 cutlass and not the other just blinks third brake light out too checked fuses and bulbs?

My 1991 Olds Cutlass Ciera had that problem and it was corrected by replacing the turn signal switch. Troubleshooting with the factory service manual pinpointed the problem. Paul S

What would cause my 93 dodge dynasty not to start I checked all fuses and relays. All it does is grind.?

If it is the starter that is grinding, the bushings are worn and the starter is "dragging" and not spinning fast enough to get the engine started. Replace the starter, chances are that the armature is damaged due to the dragging (grinding against the inside wall of the starter.

Why won't Toyota 4Runner start Checked battery connections. Lost turn signals and gauges. Fuses starter and relay seem to be okay.?

Is this an automatic or manual transmission?

Where do you find the fuses for a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Open passenger door. Look on the end of the dash panel for a door marked "FUSES".

Brake lights arent coming on changed bulbs and fuses and no results what else needs to be checked on a 98 Chevrolet lumina?

If the brake lights are not coming on in your car and you have changed the bulbs and the fuses with no results, you could also check the wiring in your '98 Chevrolet Lumina. The wires may be damaged or even broken.

Which fuses go where in the box on a 1983 olds cutlass supreme if the box is not labeled?


Why would the left turn signal not work if the bulbs have been changed and the fuses checked?

Check th e ground on the lights. If ok, you may have to have a mechanic check it out.

Why won't your vw passat start?

I checked fuses and replaced blown fuses and now it won't start.

I just replaced the starter on my 1979 Firebird and now my stereo wont turn on. I checked the fuses and the wiring and all are good. Can someone help?

if you took the wires off at the battery to change the starter, make sure you put them all back on