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Why would your baby's heartbeat be 170 beats per minute when you are 13 weeks pregnant?

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170 is a little higher than normal at 13 weeks of pregnancy but you may have had a raised pulse yourself because of infection or nervousness. Actually this is not true. It is very normal for the baby's heartbeat to be in the 170's this early in your pregnancy. My research shows that several people have even had their baby's heartbeat in the 180's in the early stages, and had normal healthy pregnancies and baby's. "Normal" is 140-160, however Doctors have found 170 - 180's to be normal too.

2009-09-11 04:48:53
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How fast is the heartbeat of a pregnant woman?

100 beats per minute plus minus 05

What is the avrage heartbeat per minute?

60-100 beats per minute. :)

What is an arrhythmia?

An arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat, which divides into two categories - tachycardia in which an adult's heartbeat averages above 100 beats per minute, and bradycardia - in which an adult's heartbeat averages below 60 beats per minute.

How many heart beats per minute does a 16 year old have?

the normal heartbeat is 70 t0 80 beats/minute.

What is the normal heart beats per minute?

At rest the typical human heartbeat is between 60 -80 beats per minute

What is a good heart beat for a women that is almost 6 weeks pregnant?

The heartbeat for a healthy woman that is 6 weeks pregnant should be about 80 to 100 beats per minute.

What is an average heartbeat per minute for a dog?

60-180 beats per minute is typical.

What is your grandmas heartbeat?

Around 260 bpm (beats Per Minute)

What is the normal heartbeat of a man?

60-100 Beats per minute

What is a heartbeat that is below 60 beats per minute called?


How fast does a dogs heartbeat?

75 - 110 beats per minute

Normal heartbeat of a human being?

The average human heart, beats at 72 beats per minute

Is 90 beats a minute normal for a new baby?

A normal heart rate is usually anywhere from 60 to 100 beats per minute or BPM. 70 beats per minute...children are higher about 90 beats per minute. The baby's heartbeat is usually between 120 and 160 beats per minute, ...

How many times does the heartbeat per minute?

That may depend on how active or stressed you are, but at rest, the normal heartbeat is between 60 and 100 beats per minute.

How fast is a normal heartbeat?

Between 60 and 100 beats per minute.

What is the average heartbeat of a hobbit when it is at rest?

52 beats per minute.It is Valid.

What is heartbeat rate of elephant in minute?

72 beats per minut i think >_<

What should heartbeat be for a 19 year old?

60-100 beats a minute.

What is a heartbeat monitor useful for?

A heartbeat monitor measures how quickly a heart beats in a given amount of time and displays the heart rate on the monitor, usually in beats per minute.

What is the heartbeat of a 5 month fetus?

Between 140 to 160 beats per minute.

An abnormally rapid heartbeat that is faster than 100 beats per minute?


What is the minimum heartbeat rate?

60 - 100 beats per minute is the normal rate

How fast is a birds heatbeat?

A bird's heartbeat depends on the bird in question. A hummingbird for example can have a heartbeat of about 180 beats per minute.

Heartbeat per minute?

textbook average range is 60-100 beats per minute for all humans everywhere

What if your heartbeat is 100?

100 beats per minute, during aerobic exercise, is fine. Depending on your health, this can be maintained for various periods of time: a half-hour would be a pretty long period of exercise but not excessive. However, if your heartbeat is 100 beats per minute when you're resting, you'll probably want to get a health checkup. At rest, the normal heartbeat is approximately 72 beats per minute on average.