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Why would your brakes make a terrible grinding noise?

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Virtually all modern disk pads (drum or disk) have indicators bogged into the lower layer of the material. When the pad is worn close to the limit, the indicators start making a wicked scraping sound. This effect is designed for the psychological impact. If you let it get so bad that the sound changes again (subtle but the change happens), THEN you'll be scraping metal on metal and risking failure and accident.

Also it's quite a good idea to get the disks at least lightly machined, otherwise the inevitable grooving will just wear out the new pads much faster than otherwise. Only if the disk or drum is very lightly scored might you ignore this issue.

Summary: when you hear your brakes scraping after several tens of thousands, calmly book in for brake service in a timely manner.

More insight and suggestions:

Get it checked out by a competent garage. It could be pads that wore out and are cutting into the rotors, worn out shoes cutting into the drums, loose hardware occasionally getting stuck in the rear brakes, a dust shield bent in and rubbing on the rotor.

Don't waste time in getting this checked out, this sounds like a safety hazard and could lead to more expensive repairs if not attended to, or worse, an accident. I guess technically it wouldn't be an "accident" anymore!

I would also get them to check your brake calipers. I had a similar incident with my car where the clips on the brake caliper had to be changed because they broke off.

Also be sure to get the mounting hardware checked out, specifically the caliper bolts/pins. If these are worn they will cause the calipers to twist during braking. One sign that this is happening is the pads are wearing on a taper (the front edge of the pad is thicker than the rear edge or vice versa). A new brake hardware kit will usually repair this, but the caliper itself may also have to be replaced.

A stuck caliper will also cause wear of the pads, but it is usually the inside pad that gets worn out very quickly, while the outside pad (closest to the wheel) may still look nearly new. You can repair this by replacing or rebuilding the caliper. For the money, it is generally better to replace the caliper.

Most likely, it is simply worn out pads (or shoes if you have drum brakes). If they are worn out to the point of making the noise I believe that are making then you will probably need new rotors (or drums). I am not a fan of having rotors and drums turned personally. If too much is milled off of them, it can cause the piston(s) in the caliper to come out of their bore during hard braking, which will result in total braking failure of the caliper that the piston comes out of. The same principal applies to drum/wheel cylinders also. (Not a lot of fun)

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What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced?

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced and the brakes are not worn?

Could rusty rotors make a grinding noise?

Normally a rusty rotor would not make a grinding noise. A grinding noise from the brakes usually indicated that the pads or shoes are worn down.

There is a grinding noise when applying the brakes to stop the noise comes from the back brakes i drive a 1.4 vw golf?

brake pads could be worn out. would it be safe to drive for now if the front brake pads are ok?

What would cause 2001 Ford Windstar brakes to pump and make grinding noise?

Diod you check front brake pads

Would wheel bearings make a grinding noise?

Yes they can make a grinding noise, if they are bad.

What would cause a terrible grinding noise from the front wheel drive on a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

It could be a few things hub bearings, brakes, ball joints or possibly the CV axle. I would have it checked and then fix the problem at home if it is within your ability.

What would a grinding rubbing noise be in the front tires of a 1994 Chevy lumina APV?

It could be brakes, bearings or something else altogether.

Why would your car make a grinding noise while accelerating after changing gears?

You probably have something wrong with your engine, or brakes. You should really have that checked.

What would cause a loud grinding noise when brakes are applied had brakes checked are fine happens in reverse and starting out sometimes?

only thing i know that will make brkes grind, is worn out brakesmaybe have em checked at a different mechanic

Grinding noise from brakes at low speeds?

I would suspect your brake pads are worn out. The grinding you are hearing is the destruction of your rotors taking place. It is also possible that you may have a defective wheel bearing. Inspect your brake system.

Why would brakes grind after changing pads?

Sometimes it happens because of rotors. If they are old and have a lot of grooves on its surface it will cause the grinding noise. Also it might happen if brakes were not cleaned properly during the replacement.

What is the crunching noise from your brakes?

Does it squeek? Or is it grinding? Possible sand/ gravel trapped in your brakes. Or you need some new pads. If it's during winter and you break hard and start sliding.. then it would be your ABS kicking in.

What would cause your car to have a grinding noise come from the tier while driving and also pull toward the driver side?

sounds like you need new brakes

What makes a grinding noise on a ford expedition when giving gas?

It could be a couple different things. Most obvious would be brakes. If a brake is sticking and worn you could be hearing a grinding noise as you accelerate. Second could be a driveline issue. Worn u-joints or something sticking in the transfercase (4X4) could also cause a grinding noise. Best advise is to find a reputable service shop and have them diagnose the noise properly. Good luck!

What would cause a 2006 F150 make a grinding noise when step on the throttle brake pads have all been replaced still have a grinding noise?

your barrins in the wheels

Why would a 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback make a grinding noise in the front end when you apply the brakes and while turning?

Sounds like the brakes are shot! At this point I wouldn't want you to drive any further than your closest repair garage.

Possible problems on a 2000 Focus with grinding noise before and after new brakes?

I had a similar experience with my Windstar - lots of pad material left, but still grinding after new pads & shoes. Turns out the rotors were bad. :( Btw, I just replaced the rotors without finding out if a simple turning would have eliminated the grinding.

What is a discontinuous noise comin from the car like gridinng even when you stop to whait the green light?

if you are completely stopped and you here the noise only with the vehicle running the most likely grinding noise would be your power assist system for brakes and steering check fluid level, if not than transmission would be the next choice

You heard a grinding noise when you would turn and you filled up with power steering fluid but you still hear this noise - What could this be?

I would guess that it is the wheel bearing. is it a grumbling sound or an all out grinding? If it is or was a grumbling sound and has turned into a grinding it is probably the wheel bearing.

What would cause a knocking noise when you use your brakes in the car?

Typically, a knocking noise when to use your brakes in the car is caused by your brakes wearing down. This means you need to get them checked out and repaired.

What would cause a grinding noise near the tires on a QX4?

bad rotors

What kind of noise would a bad bearing make in a 2002 cavalier?

Its kind of a grinding screeching metal on metal noise.

What would cause a loud grinding noise when brakes are applied even after brakes parts has been replaced?

It is a cause and effect thing. Was the other axle inspected if all the brakes, front and rear, were not replaced? Can you tell where it's coming from at all? Is the noise identical from when before the brakes were replaced? Year, make, model and mileage would help as well. Drum on rear? Don't assume the brakes were done correctly. Believe it or not, I have done a few where someone put the pads in backwards with the backing plate against the rotor. If someone worked on it for you, take it back to them and complain.

What would cause grinding noise gets louder at high speed?

wheel bearing

What would make a clunking noise when braking?

brakes are need to be replace