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Your coffee holder isn't holding your coffee? :-) If it doesn't smell like antifreeze (heatercore leak) then I would be suspect of a plugged drainhole in the wiper transmission cowl area. This time of year leaves will plug it up and water flows in through the firewall area. It would also be good to look behind the glovebox area to see if a harness or hose that may pass through the firewall isn't caulked well enough. Some other suggestions: * I had a car that had a deer run into the driver's door while we were going down the highway. The body shop fixed the door where by looking you couldn't tell it had been hit. But every time it rained the car would get wet inside. They did a bad job aligning the door and it didn't press the door seal tight enough to keep it from leaking. So if the car has been wrecked before you bought it or since you had it your door may not be aligned right or possibly an old door seal. * Could be a leak from a bad windshield seal. Wonder if it could even be condensation leakage from your air conditioner too. * I would say the drain tube on the air conditioner condenser is plugged.in my 2000 grand prix it has plugged with grime several times, causing it to flow into the passenger side floor right under the blower motor. find the tube under the car and blow into it with an air compressor. this will unplugg it.the tube should be right under the condenser in your engine bay. * Check the heater core, and pray that isn't the problem. * When asked to repair a waterleak I like some history on the car. Most waterleaks on used cars are the result of some sort of repair. What has been fixed on your car? If you have a sunroof/moonroof, the drain holes can be clogged. If you have trees or other debris that falls on the car, this is a big problem. The drains should be cleaned a couple times a year. This debris also clogs the drains in the cowl in front of the windshield, causing water to come in the fresh air vent in the heating-air system. This usually causes a leak on just the passenger side.

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How are grasshoppers getting into your 3rd floor flat?

they arent getting in my third floor flat

Why would your car floor keep getting wet even though there arent any visible holes?

It is possible that your car AC drain hose is plugged with dirt and the condensate is instead collecting and dripping into the vehicle. I tried not using the AC for a day but when I got into my car the next morning the ground was still soaked. Could there be problems with the drainage from my sun roof?

What temperature is the floor of the sun?

What do you mean with "floor"? The center of the Sun is around 20 million K, the visible surface around 6000 K.

Are magnetic stripes visible earths ocean floor?

Yes ndj D6ff gwbzusnheudhebuuduendjjdjxnnsj

Where is the spare tire in a Peugeot 306?

The spare tire is located in the trunk compartment, below the floor. Lift the floor of the trunk compartment up and the tire will be visible.

What is the song on the floor by Jennifer Lopez about?

It's about getting on the dance floor and to have a good time and dance

Are muscles more important than bones?

no they arent althought they make us move if we didnt have bones we would be a pile of skin on the floor

What are the green clouds on the floor on Sims 3?

The green clouds on the floor indicate that something is on the floor that has... spoiled. Try getting a sim to clean it up.

What is rotted wood subflooring?

Subflooring is the wood on which the visible floor is lain. A rotted wood subflooring is when the subfloor timbers have been exposed to water and have begun to rot, thus undermining the floor as a whole. The floor will have to be removed and the subfloor replaced.

Can you Clean wood floor with baby powder?

You can not clean a hardwood floor with baby powder. It would make a much bigger mess. You can fix a squeaky floor with it though.

How do you change the heater core in a 1998 Chevy Venture van?

You need to remove dash to floor console. You will need a 7mm socket or nut driver to remove bolts. Then core should be visible. The hardest part of the job are the hoses at the firewall and getting to them!

Why does one get hurt seriously while jumping on a hard floor?

because the floor is getting its revenge on you jumping on it so hard!

What is the definition of macrobenthic?

Macrobenthic means related to invertebrates large enough to be visible with the naked eye that live on the ocean floor.

Can the floor of a cave be made out of different material from the rest of the cave?

In theory yes, if the caves' formative stream cuts down to the insouble basement under the limestone. The visible floor ofa cave is often not the host rock, but sediments, boulders, etc covering the true floor.

Where is the water in my basement coming from?

There many be minuscule holes in the floor or walls that are leaking water. If they are not visible, it may be because they are underneath or behind furniture.

Why arent we allowed to chew gum in class?

because they think that we are going to stik it on the chair or floor ad other people are going to tuch it that's what my teacher told us DA

Will wood flooring give my child splinters?

There is always a possibility of getting splinters from a wood floor. You can reduce the probability by having the floor sanded and varnished.

How magnetic stripes on the sea floor form?

The magnetic stripes on the sea floor are not visible, of course, except with the aid of a magnetometer. The stripes represent the magnetic orientation of Earth at the time of the oceanic crust's formation at the mid-ocean ridges.

Where would water on rear passenger floor come from on a 2004 Honda accord?

My guess is that you have a hole in your floor pan on that side all it takes is a little hole and a lot of rain and your flooded, try looking for the hole it should be visible..

How do you remove rock salt stains from tile floor?

Use a floor neutralizer with a PH of 8. Use a mop, just like you were mopping. Do not mix it with a cleaner, though. After mopping with the neutralizer, clean the floor with a neutral cleaner.

When you do laundry why does the floor drain start to come up with water from the washer?

The drain from the washer to the main line is getting plugged and the floor drain is easier. Drain cleaner in the floor drain should take care of it.

What is floor polishing?

Floor polish comes in many varieties, including liquid floor polish and paste floor waxes. Buy specialty floor polishes for different surfaces, including hardwood floors, concrete floors, laminate floors and vinyl-covered floors. Choosing the correct type of floor polish is important for getting the best result.

Can you lay a laminate floor over a ceramic tile floor?

Yes. You should use a good quality underlay with it though to reduce the noise of the laminate knocking on the tiles.

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