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Could be a plugged catalytic converter, bad air or fuel filter, or a weak fuel pump

Sounds like your clutch is worn out. Listen to the car and see if the engine revs up when you do this. If so, your clutch is slipping and you need a new one.

it also could be your cap and rotor going out if you are gunna replace these might as well spend a few extra bucks on plugs and wires

Try shifting into 2nd.
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Why does my 1993 geo prism not accelerate past 23 miles an hour?

your transmission could be stuck between gears. you probably need to rebuild or replace the transmission.

How many miles a gallon does a 2008 civic get?

40ish with a manual transmission on the lx

Nissan Sentra 88 automatic transmission takes longer time to accelerate when put into drive gear?

If a 1988 Nissan Sentra is slow to accelerate when put in gear, the transmission might need to have the screen filter cleaned and the fluid drained and replaced. Older vehicles should have the transmission serviced after the vehicle reaches 100,000 miles and ever 100,000 miles after that.

Can you tow a VW in neutral?

If it has a manual transmission then you can. If it has an automatic transmission you can but not for more than a few miles and don't exceed 40 mph.

2000 ford ranger standard transmission maintenance?

Every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first: Check/replenish the manual transmission lubricant. - Haynes Manual #36071

How many miles transmission oil change?

Change it at the interval recommended in your owners manual. Every 75,000 miles is what most recommend.

When do you refill the transmission fluid on 1992 Toyota Celica?

if it is a automatic transmission you should change it every 15,000 miles, and if its a manual its recomeded at 30,000-45,000

How often should you change your transmission fluid in a Honda Accord 2013?

This is listed in your owners manual. The change interval depends on if you have the CVT transmission, the 5 speed Automatic, or a Manual. Just open and read your owners manual.

When should you change transmission oil on a 2006 Chrysler 300?

at 61,000 miles as it states it on the owners manual.

When to change the manual transmission oil BMW 320i 2001?

To be safe, every 60,000 miles or so

When do you get a transmission flush on Pontiac g6?

Your owner's manual will probably tell you never. IMO, I would have the transmission fluid changed at 75,000 miles. Of course this will have to be done at the dealer as the transmission is sealed.

How many miles does a 1995 Ford Explorer get?

For a 1995 Ford Explorer ( 4x4 ) In miles per U.S. gallon / highway auto matic transmission ( 18 ) 5 speed manual transmission ( 20 )

When should you change transmission fluid on a 2003 trailblazer?

Follow the recommendation in your owner's manual. Or change it every 36,000 miles unless it is a sealed for life transmission.

Why does your 2012 Ford Focus accelerate when hitting the brakes to stop?

The 2012 Ford Focus has a dual-clutch automatic transmission - this is basically a manual transmission that shifts automatically (more efficient, but also much different from your modern day automatic transmission). Because of this, as you hit the breaks, the car doesn't really coast in neutral - it downshifts through every gear. I myself have a 2012 Ford Focus. The transmission needs about 500-1000 miles to break-in the clutch. In addition, the transmission has fuzzy logic that adapts to your style of driving. You will notice that after that first 1000 miles or so, this won't be as noticeable. -Nick

Is it necessary to change transmission and brake fluid in Honda civic?

Yes, it should be changed as outlined in your owners manual. If you have no manual change them both every 75,000 miles.

When should the transmission fluid be changed in 2001 jeep Laredo?

What does your owner's manual say? I recommend every 50,000 miles.

How often should you change the fluid in a manual transmission?

dependin on certain cars but i will always change every 45000 miles

How often do you change the transmission fluid in a 2009 Mitsubishi lancer?

Every 30,000 miles. Cvt or manual are the same intervals

When to change transmission fluid on Oldsmobile Alero 2001?

Check your owner's manual. Under heavy driving conditions, the factory owner's manual suggests changing it at 50,000 miles.

How many miles on a full tank of fuel do you get from a Kia Picanto 2005 1.1 LX?

with manual transmission aproxx 550-580 miles with auto transmission aproxx 500-550 miles it's fuel capacity is about near 10 gallons (35 liters)

How many miles per gallon should a 95' Ford Ranger XLT get to the gallon?

i have a 4.0L with a 5 speed manual transmission and i get about 22 miles per gallon This depends on the engine/transmission application for your particular vehicle.

How do youchange transmission fluid 2000 Land Rover discovery2?

Changing the transmission fluid on any car or truck is a vital part of preventative maintence. Read your owners manual but it is generally recommended that you change the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles and the filter every 60,000 miles.

How often do you change transmission fluid for 2002 Honda Odyssey?

You can follow the instructions in your owner's manual or change it every 50,000 miles.

How fast can a manual car go?

If your talking Fred Flintstone or some sort of human powered vehicle, not very... If you mean manual transmission (clutch/stick shift) as opposed to automatic transmission, well over 200 miles per hour depending on the car.

How many miles per gallon does a 2000 mercury mystique get?

4 cylinder - 5 speed manual transmission - 21 city / 31 highway 4 cylinder - 4 speed automatic transmission - 19 city / 28 highway V6 engine - auto and manual trans - 18 city / 26 highway (miles per U.S. gallon )