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Why would a car with a fully charged battery have dim lights and be unable to start

AnswerAnother possibility to add to the last post which was very good,(disregard if all electrical circuit tests check out correctly) a possible bad neutral sefety switch. This will not allow the car to even crank if not in park or neutral. If the switch is shorted or bad you will have a no crank condition. AnswerIf it isn't cranking like you say, you need to find where the power is stopping. Is it after the ignition switch to the battery, from the battery to the starter? **This is not a lack of spark or lack of fuel problem**. if all the power is getting to the starter, you'll have to look deeper into this being a mechanical problem. You'll need to manually turn the engine over by hand. It could be a seized motor or a seized pulley preventing the motor from spinning. It may also be a defective starter if you bought a cheap on aka autozone electrical parts. Answerhave you checked your starter relay also the fly wheel gear could be striped and you are not getting a connection between the two gears. AnswerDoes your car have a factory alarm? Sometimes the factory alarm system is not yet disengaged and the cutoff switch hasn't activated yet. This will also not allow the car to start. You'll need to reset the alarm then it will kick over.
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Q: Why would your car not start if it has a fully charged battery and a new starter but nothing happens when you turn the ignition?
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Why when you turn on the car nothing happens no lites radio horn nothing but the battery is fully charged?

how do you know the battery is charged? also it could be a loose battery wire. they need to be properly thighten so the energy could flow. if there are no lights theres no power coming from the battery.

Why when you turn the ignition key nothing happens?

It could be a bad battery, or connection. A bad starter and or solenoid could be the problem, along with an ignition switch to name a few.

When you turn the key to the start position nothing happens shorting across the solenoid points works previously replaced to no avail?

with a fully charged battery and clean connections to the starter and battery check fuses first and if good, replace ignition switch under steering column

1995 240sx engine wont turn or rotate and the dash lights dont turn on either battery is fully charged?

your battery is probably dead...., if when you turn the key and nothing happens at all...your battery is probably dead... Solution: Well, it turns out it was my ignition switch. That was my first guess. Im glad i went with it.

When you turn the key in dodge grand caravan nothing happens?

First guess; the battery is dead. Second; a break in the ignition switch wiring. NOTHING happens? No noise, no clicks, NOTHING? Check to see if the ceiling light comes on when you open the door.

What happens if you don't change the ignition coil?


What does battery stave mean?

Battery stave means nothing at all. Battery state on the other hand means the state of charge of the battery. Is it fully charged or 75%- 50%- 25% charged, etc.

You just changed your battery and now nothing happens at all when you turn the ignition?

you either overlooked a hot lead that needs to be reconnected at the battery, or you grounded a hot wire and blew a fuse or fusible link wire

What happens when you throw a battery away?

Nothing good.

What happens If a car battery sets out in the rain?

Nothing. The battery is sealed an no harm will be done.

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When key is turned nothing happened and battery is good?

Defective ignition switch, or bad starter.

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