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Why would your car only blow warm air and not hot?


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2005-12-22 14:20:12
2005-12-22 14:20:12

The thermostat in your car controls the temperature of the fluid entering the heater core. Thermostats have different temperature setting i.e. 195,180 etc. When the rated temperature is approached, the thermostat starts to open up, the fluid path is changed and the temperature of the fluid is held at the rated temperature. If the thermostat opens too soon, or fails to close the heater core will not reach max temperature, and the air from the heater air will be warm,not hot. Also the mechanism that opens the duct door may not work,and the same problem will occur. Also, your core may have a fluid control lever which may not work.


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It could be the thermostat on the engine. If the engine does not warm up adequately the heater will never blow hot air.

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It appears that it is low on freon. Did you evacuate the system??? Take it to an a/c mechanic. could be the "head unit" or A/c contols in the dash.

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if the heater does not blow out warm air change the setting.

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