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Why would your car rev up but it won't move?

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If it's an automatic transmission,the fluid could be low.If it's a manual transmission,the clutch could be bad. If FWD, be sure to check the half shafts for breakage. Ocassionally the joints can break. Otherwise if it is an auto and the fluid is full, the trans is bad. Dan the tranny man Could be the speed sensor. Take it off of the jack stands. That happened to me once. Some friends of mine put my rear axle on jack stands. When I came racing out of the building and hopped in to my car to beat the other guys to the mess hall, I threw it in to gear and it just shuddered but didn't move. I kept the jack stands.

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Why wont your car rev after half thottle?

If the vehicle is in neutral or park and it doesn't rev over half throttle, it is the rev limiter (governor). That is normal.

Would a overdue tuneup cause your car not to start?

yes it can. it will rev up like it wants to start but it wont turn over hope that helped

Astra 1.7cdti wont rev past 3000rpm?

Astra 1.7 cdti wont rev past 300 rpm

What makes a car rev but not move when gas is applied?

Your transmission/gearbox is either not engaged or its out of commision.

Rev limiter for a crf150 do?

The rev limiter makes it so it wont over rev and the bike doesent blow up

What can cause your rpms to rev up high in first gear but the car wont go any faster?

your transmission is burned out, the 1st and reverse clutches are worn out

How is reve french for dream pronounced?

It is pronounced rev, like rev up a car

Why does your fiat punto start but it wont rev?

Because it has a flat battery you donut

Is it good to rev your engine?

It is not good for your car if you rev your engine too much. Many people like to do this because they think it makes their car sound cool.

Toyota carina turbo diesel car that starts but wont rev .?

If a Carina Turbo will turn over but will not idle there can be an air leak. The vacuum lines should be checked to see if there are any holes.

Why would Car jerk at high RPM?

rev limiter will only let the RPM's get so high then it cuts back

What causes a car to over rev?

If you don't shift it!!!

What causes a car engine to rev but the car doesnt move?

Manual transmission car then the clutch has failed. If it is an automatic then the A/T has failed. Check the fluid level. If it is full seek professional help. If it is low add the correct A/T fluid. Do not overfill.

How high will a NASCAR engine rev to?

They rev out to around 9500, give or take a little bit depending on the car

1991 Honda Accord?

why wont my 1991 Honda acord rev higher than 3500rpm sometimes ?and why wont the trans go into 3rd and 4th

Your astra h 2006 model 1.4 wont rev?

insp in my care wathe theis

1997 sunfireMissing when idle and wont rev up?

what type of motor is it? the quad 4 or the 2.2

What year did the American rev start?

With the introduction of the sports car

What to do when Camry 2006 wont rev and no cruise control after jump starting battery?

This car has an electronic throttle control cable] that controls the flow of air through the throttle body. You might want to look for a blown fuse since you said you had to jump start the car.

Yamaha Banshee idles but wont rev out?

Very vague information. Could be the main jet in the carburator.

Why wont my Mazda 2.0 v6 only rev to 3000 rpms while stood still?

wile in park or neutral newer cars wont rev past a certain point ,but when driving it will rev to almost redline. this is a motor safety feature the rev limiter. an aftermarket performance computer chip will at least raise the limit on the limiter,wich works by not allowing the coil pack to spark faster.witch is also the top end limiter

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