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Probaably whatever is burning is not being blown away because your going slower. That is when your moving more air is pushing the odor away. Are you hearing any new noises? In a manual car it will probably be the clutch if you are riding it alot automatics don't make the smell unless ya are doing burnouts. Burning clutch smells a bit more metallic than rubber. I had the same occurence for a few months when getting out of my truck, was told it might be a plastic bag stuck on underside, but it was the tires being slightly underinflated, bad alignment plus my aggressive driving back then. I had this problem and it was a leaky valve cover gasket. oil was leaking on to the rest of the engine and the burning rubber smell was the smell the synthetic oil gave off. I had this problem too, but with me it turned out to be my surpentine belt burning as a result of my A/C Clutch was starting to lock up. Check your belt / belts for any discoloration. This would be a sign of it / them burning. And if it does end up being a belt, it could be anything with a pully being used by that belt that could be causing the problem. Incorrectly routed, adjusted(tensioned), missing or worn drive belt(s); Incorrect belt tension will allow belts to slip; Loose or damaged belt tensioner will allow belts to slip; Worn or damaged idler/tensioner pulley; Spark plug or coil wire(s) making contact with hot engine; Corroded, broken or poorly connected battery cable. bad fan belt or in correct tension on fan belt especially noticable if you are using a/c in stop and go traffic

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Q: Why would your car smell like burning rubber when you are in stop-and-go traffic but not when traveling at a normal speed?
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