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This one is fairly simple. Almost 90 % of the time it is because the shock absorbers are worn out, allowing the coil springs to oscillate roughly and hit the chassis of your vehicle.

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It depends on the type of "knocking noises" you're hearing. Usually knocking noises are caused either by spun or worn main bearings, or worn wrist pins. Either way, it means you need a new engine.

Noises are impossible to correctly diagnoise when not heard. Take it to a garage when it ts making the noise.

Steering wheel noises can be caused by low power steering fluid. A loose or worn belt or suspension problems can also cause a steering wheel to make noises when turned.

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There are many reasons why a car would make noises going over bumps. You need to be more specific about what kind of noise? Rattling? Maybe a loose component under the car, or heat protection plates not mounted properly. If its a knocking it could be your shocks, or cv joints. There are too many possibilities that it could be. Please be more specific.

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Most likely your motor is low on oil and is knocking from being over heated.

Could be you are low on Power Steering Fluid. My 97 Villager seems to need it every 6-7 months. My van will make noises around corners (or hard steering) even if the level is "full". I fill it to the top and all the noises go away (at least for 6-7 months).

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