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Why would your cat eat her 2 week old kitten?


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This really shouldn't happen. If the mother didnt like her kittens, then she might have eaten them to get rid of them. That is a strange way to get rid of her kittens, but she really wanted them gone. Sometimes a mother cat would take her kittens in the middle of the rode, and get rid of them that way.

Dont listen to any of the above...

A mother cat will eat or neglect a cat because they have a way of knowing when their kitten is in pain or is sick


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A mother cat will eat there kitten because they have a way of knowing when they are sick or in pain and will take them out of their misery.

Yes. An owl would easily eat a kitten or small breed of cat.

Because the kitten is unhealthy. Feel sorry for u that your cat has eaten her kitten :(

It might have been because the cat was stressed or the kitten was threatening the mother cats health.

That depends on the pet. For example, a kitten/cat eats fish.That depends on the pet. For example, a kitten/cat eats fish.That depends on the pet. For example, a kitten/cat eats fish.That depends on the pet. For example, a kitten/cat eats fish.

Milk from their mother or kitten formula.

It would be about one through two pounds because it is just a baby and doesn't eat as much as a adult cat would eat

If a kitten is born dead, the mother cat will eat it.

No , of course not - it's not food .

My money is on the kitten. The Kitten would eat the smurf, so the kitten wins.

Cats act on instinct, as animals do, and this is one of those instinctual responses. If a mother cat senses something wrong with her kittens, e.g. an they are ill/deformed and in danger, she may eat them. A cat can also react this way if she is stressed and unable to cope with having kittens. It is also said that if there is a strange scent (e.g. a human's scent) on the kitten, then the mother may reject or kill a kitten for that too, though I'm cynical this would be the ONLY reason, especially if it were a domesticated house cat.

Cat milk! If it's an orphaned kitten, check up at your local stores (such as Walmart) for kitten milk to feed via kitten bottle.

No because it is from the same family.

A cat is full grown at one year, and can eat cat food.

A kitten won't eat another kitten unless it is dead and looks like something they would want to eat. So two kittens together are save. =3 Meow

Kitten = Milk Cat = Fish (Raw or cooked) Overgrown = Don't Eat

Maybe that cat is not hungry or maybe that cat is not in a mood.

If the panther is hungry, or it feels threatened by the cat or kitten, it could.

A kitten cat eat adult cat food at any age; the main difference between kitten food and adult cat food is the caloric content. Kittens need more calories in order to properly grow and develop into a full-grown, adult feline. Kitten food is supposed to aid in this process by being more calorie-dense with more vitamins; however, it is often more expensive and less economical. One could theoretically feed more servings of adult cat food to a kitten, supplemented with vitamins, until it is grown. Until a kitten is weened, it is not so much an issue.

dogs can eat cats if not eat them hurt them like chewing on them. but you can train it to act friendly and be nice to the cat.

baby mice---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you mean a kitten then they eat the same as adult cats just in smaller amounts. And really young kittens drink milk from there mother cat. However don't give a cat cows milk, its not good for them..............................................babymice also like to eat kitten nip.its less potent than catnip

Nothing. She goes and "gets" new kittens. If the dead kitten is removed from her view, she soon forgets her loss. She will also eat it.

I recommend that you just feed your cat some good quality Wet Cat/Kitten food that has lots of meat in.

Not really. The mother cat will usually eat the kitten placentas and will, as a result, get back a small amount of the protein she has expended in creating the kittens. But there is nothing special about the placentas, and depriving the mother cat of them will not hurt her.

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