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windows 98second edition had a flaw in it that caused this problem and can be fixed though a simple update at this problem mostly affected laptops on wich a minamal instalation was proformed to save drive space.

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Q: Why would your computer hang when it is restarted by the restart option?
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What best fits the reason why a computer would continuously restart without reaching the Windows Desktop?

The Automatic Restart on Systems Failure option is enabled

How do you restart a game of hockey when a penalty has been awarded?

No. A hockey game would have no reason to be restarted.

Why might you restart your computer rather than fully shutting down?

you would restart your computer to install updates or return your computer to a fresh state when you have been running a lot of prgrams that would still be running in the background even after closeing them

What do you do if your mouse is moving but not responding?

I would restart the computer with a cold reboot.

Does your computer need to restart after your computer is been backup?

In most cases, no you would not have to restart your computer after backing it up. A backup is just an extra copy of your data that your computer stores in another location. That way, if your computer has problems or your data is deleted you can restore the backup to retrieve your data. Creating a backup file does not require you to restart your computer, since all the computer is doing is copying your data to another location.

Why would your computer restart after being turned off?

it forgets what u last did! and there is probaly something wrong with your computer....

If one's computer won't go into restart mode after selecting the restart button and after running a spyware and antivirus scan what can one do to get it to go into restart mode again?

* What does the computer do when you attempt to boot it up? * What operating system? The computer would just shut down completely after selecting 'restart.' No problems booting up thereafter. I have Windows XP Service Pack 2. I have determined what the problem was. It was due to enabled software called Window Washer 5.0. When I disabled it, my computer is now able to go into restart mode.

How do you unfreeze i tunes on your computer if it freezes up?

I would try this first. Close everything and shut down the computer and unplug it. Then plug it in and restart the computer.

Disable automatic restart on system failure is an option available in the advanced start up menu in?

I am assuming that windows would usual restart on a particular instance, but with this option windows will not restart if a problematic occurs on the system. Maybe such as a blue screen of death. Safe thing to do is use this feature if have know some common issues with your system.

Where can one get a crash recovery?

If one is trying to recover their computer from a crash, the best way is to restart the computer to see if it loads. If this does not work, one may consider booting in safe mode and using the system restore option. Should this not work, one would need to either reformat the computer or take it to a local computer repair shop.

What is meant by warm boot?

That would be using the menu system to restart the computer. A shut down is a cool boot.

Why would a PC restart whenever you type any commands in the run option?

I had such a problem , which was lasting as a virus that will restart when ever an .exe file runs so i cleaned it using an Anti virus

Why is your computer not booting while turn on but when you press restart then it does boot?

My first guess would be a bad switch.

Why would your computer restart when you try to run regedit?

It might be a virus. Or perhaps windows has a missing component

Under what circumstance would windows system restore utility most likely be necessary?

restart the computer

Would this computer be a good option if you need to edit a lot of movies?

Yes, this computer would be a good option if you need to edit a lot of movies because it comes with a good processor and a lot of storage space.

When should a soft boot be used on your computer?

A soft boot should be used on your computer any time that you press restart after installing updates, or programs. A soft boot is when you allow all programs to close before you restart. The only time you would use a hard boot is when you have to restart without allowing programs to close first.

Why would the computer not restart with the power button for 15 minutes after properly shutting down but restart with no problem using the restart option?

XP's power management allows you to define what the computer does when the power button is pressed. It may be on your system that it is set to hibernate instead of power off. Also, depending on the shutdown procedure being used, a program may not be relinquishing control to the operating system. Choosing Start -> Restart is a "cleaner" reboot sequence and so the program is not forced to abruptly terminate, instead it is allowed to properly shut itself down which avoids any hang-ups like the one portrayed in the question.

How do you set hibernte in system?

Followsame the same procedure as shutdown.the options would come whether to turn off, stand by or restart. Press shift key and in the place of stand by hibernate option would come.Click that option to hibernate your system

Why can i hear a radio station from my computer?

You are tuned into one. Restart your computer and it will go away.EDIT:This also can mean you have a virus on your computer. I would recommend scanning your computer for potential threats.

What can you do if iTunes will not come up?

there probably would be something wrong with your computer so my best bet would be to turn off or restart your computer Or you could just download iTunes and click on it when you plug your iPod in =)

Why would a Computer randomly shut down and then must try many times to restart power?

most likely a viris

Why would your 1994 Dodge Ram 350 van run fine for a few days and then just shut down and run poorly when restarted?

If the Van runs fine for as long as you drive and idle it until you shut it off and try to restart it, it is possibly the egr valve if present. Does it have one and does the van run better after runnning it for a while on the restart?

What is a sentence for restart?

all the students would have to restart their test

How do you get chrome on a school computer?

Go to and download it. Though your school computer may have something called deep-freeze, if so Chrome would be deleted if you restart the computer.