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It is possible that your hard drive has crashed

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Q: Why would your computer not start when you press the power button but it tries for a second and the power light stays on but it will not start?
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What green button is on a computer?

the power button

Where reset button found in a computer?

Pressing the power button once serves as a restart if the computer is not responding hold the power button in till the computer powers off then press it again to reboot

How can one turn of the new Dell computers?

Like any other computer, Dell's have a power button. Just press it and the computer starts to boot. The button usually has a light in it to see clearly when it is on.

What lights first when computer switched on?

On a desktop, the power button will usually light up. On a laptop, the power lights (located on the front of the laptop) will usually light up first.

What is the button that used to turn on and off the computer?

power button .

How do you get a computer out of sleep mode?

To get a compter out of sleep mode you move your mouse or push a button and if your main drive power light is blinking , just push the button.

What turns on a computer?

The power-on button.

Which switch supply power to a computer?

normally the power button :)

Why won't my hp notebook turn on the light for the on button blinks But does not turn on?

In most cases your HP notebook is in "power saving" mode. Please make sure your notebook is plugged into a power source as the battery could the result of the "blinking" ON button. If the battery is low, the computer will not turn on and will stay in "sleep" mode. If this is not the case, simply press and hold your power button that is blinking for 5-10 seconds. You will see your computer turn-off. Press the power button again (*given that the steps above have been followed through) and your computer light should turn back on and remain solid. If for some reason you find that the "ON" button light is constantly blinking, but the HP notebook is not turning on, make sure that your battery is not dead, and your power supply (the actual power cable and black power bar) is working.

How do you turn on the computer?

Push the power button.

What does the power light on the suzuki grand vitara mean?

On the left side of the console is a button labeled power. When this button is pushed a power light comes on in dash. This button is used when you need more power such as climbing a steep grade.

Why the blue power button is keep flashing all the time you have an iqon computer?

This ring is probably the Hard Disk light surrounding the power button. This will illuminate and flash whenever the hard disk is "thinking" or reading data.

How do you start the computer?

push the power button! :P

What starts the computer system?

umm... the power button?

What happens when I Press the power button?

The computer will turn on.

How do you shut off your computer?

Press the 'power button'

How do you reboot computer with no CD-ROM drive?

A computer can be rebooted by pressing the power button off and then back on,or by pressing the Reset button.

How turning on the computer?

if your asking how to turn on the computer then i would say probably pressing the on button. or holding the power button til it turns on.

Where is the power button on an eMac?

the power buton is just left of where the power cord plugs into the computer

What can you do when an application freezes?

Press the "power off" button on your computer. This button apparently has access to all of the multiverse of power, and will work, unless your computer is VERY screwed up.

Why your computer always hibernate?

first, not all computers hibernate by pressing the power button. second they do this to save power by turning it off while keeping all your unsaved work safe

When a computer is turned off what is computer doing?

When a computer is turned off it is:running any external lights (e.g. battery status light or power light on a laptop)waiting for a user to press the power buttonI pretty sure nothing

What is the best way to power off a computer?

Every computer has a power button, a circle with a line at the top. People may feel tempted to press that button, but that is not the correct button that should be pressed. You should close the computer according to computer instructions, usually going to the start menu and clicking shut down.

How do you get your computer out of power save?

Power save will kick in when your battery is basically under 5-2%. To reboot your computer, plug in your power supply and press the power button.

A cold boot is initiated by?

Pushing the power button on the computer

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