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yeah that would be a virus. they have command that will reset your computer after 50 or so executions. press controll alt delete and go to process and than go to start search and search everthing program that you dont know. Or you could get a anti virus program So here's what I would do, when faced with a randomly rebooting computer:

-Yes, I would consider upgrading to Windows XP, if the machine was capable of it.

-Make sure that anti-virus and anti-spyware utilities are running and up-to-date.

-Make sure that the operating system and all device drivers are as up-to-date as possible.

-Run a memory diagnostic such as Memtest86 or Windows memory Diagnostic.

-Run a hard disk diagnostic such as SpinRite.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-27 10:12:28
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Q: Why would your computer randomly restart is it cause of a Virus And how can you get rid of it?
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Why does your computer restart itself when you use Google Chrome?

cause its probs got a virus

Do computer viruses cause your computer speakers not to work?

It really depends on what virus you got on your computer. If the virus is aimed to disable your audio then yes a computer virus can cause your audio to not work.

Does photoscape cause computer virus?

No It wont cause Computer viruses.

Can a computer virus cause damage to a computer?


Can Twitter cause viruses on your computer?

Any website can cause a virus to be placed in your computer. I highly doubt it, but twitter could have given you a virus.

Can a disc cause a virus on a computer?


Can you permenately remove a computer virus?

Yes by downloading Virus cleaner and block the cause of the virus

What is A computer program designed to cause damage to computer files?

a virus

What does a virus has?

a virus has a corrupted program or file which when enters your computer will cause damage

Does iTunes cause I virus on your computer?

itunes does not cause a computer virus. it is legal software from apple. Apple are currently making the software easier to use because it causes your computer to crash

What are emulators can they cause virus?

emulator is a program that allows a computer to emulate another program . This usually does not cause a virus

How do you know if a virus is harming your computer?

Viruses are designed to harm the computer. These no such thing as a virus that does not cause harm to computers. If your virus scanner detected a virus, the damage is already done.

Is computer virus a software?

Yes, a computer virus is a specific piece of software usually designed to cause harm or malice.

What is the difference between biological viruses and computer viruses?

Biological Virus can kill youComputer Virus can just kill your computer, not you.Neither is living.*computer virus it is software which corrupt the system *biological virus which cause decease in human body

Does friv website cause virus to your computer?


Does club penguin cause computer virus?

No dumbhead!!

Can a computer virus cause your printer to stop working?

possibly depends on how bad the virus is

What cause computer virus?

Malicious (evil) people create computer viruses.

What does a Trojan horse virus do to the computer?

It can # make the computer slow # cause popup # steal passwords # cause errors

What are the advantages computer virus?

Unless you wrote the virus yourself, there are no advantages. Viruses are designed to benefit the people who wrote them, or to cause damage to your computer. If your computer has a virus, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Example of computer virus and antivirus?

A computer virus is a file that will corrupt your computer files and cause it to malfunction or not work at all. Files can be lost and destroyed by a computer virus. An antivirus is software that monitors your computer and scans files to ensure that they do not get infected by viruses.

What are consequences for intentional virus setting?

you can cause damage to your computer

Does Fantage cause a virus on your computer?

It depends on your kind of computer i use fantage and i didnt get a virus my friend used it and got it (srry fantage :( )

What are 2 things a computer virus might do if it gets into your computer?

Virus can cause lot of damage to your computer it may -Delete your data -steal your data- -corrupt your system -slow down your computer

What are the cause of computer system restart or shut down itself?

The 'Re-Start' could be caused by a virus. Vheck out you system using Norton Anti-Virus or some other virus checking program and see if there is a bug in yours. The automatic shutdown could also be caused by a virus or it could be in your system setup under 'Power Schemes' and the thing is actually going into Hybernation or Stand-By, but from the first part of your question, you should look more at a virus as the cause.....