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Your cousin would flirt with your crush because: 1. your cousin likes your crush 2. your cousin really doesn't like you 3.he/she doesn't know that that's your crush 4. your cousin wants revenge 5.or another one but I don't feel it's right for me to say it


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You would flirt with your cousin just the way you would flirt with anyone else.

You don't. Islam permits marrying your cousin, so flirting should not be an issue. You would flirt with your cousin just the way you would flirt with anyone else.

You can make silly faces, blow kisses or play with your hair to flirt with your crush.

Only if the cousin on whom you have the crush is of the same sex as yourself!

It is okay to have a crush on your cousin but it is a little awkward to be in love/have a crush on your 1st or 2nd cousin in my opinion

Sometimes, it depends on the person. Having a crush on a cousin is never abnormal.

Flirt with them or ask them out.

Be open to your crush. You can flirt with him and he will find out. Someone in your grade can tell him, she has a crush on you.


Nothing - its your cousin! Try to let your cousin know and see if they feel the same, them go on from there

if they flirt with u alot that normally means they do

No, but it might be to act on it.

No, Hinata is Neji's cousin.He has a crush on her in Naruto Sd, though.

First of all, make sure that your best friend knows about your crush. Maybe they didn't mean to actually flirt with them. If they did already know, and they did it deliberately, well then you may have a problem. It's a race to see who can get your crush first!

Having a crush on someone is not wrong so long as you do not annoy the person you have a crush on, but it may be hard on you.

This is an opinion, but in-family relationships are not encouraged.

Tell your cousin * that it would be incest, and that would be illegal; * that it would be statutory rape in most countries, and that would also be illegal; and * that you'll chop his private parts off if you fail your exams.

I would tell her and tell that guy that he shouldn't crush her heart by liking you wether you like him or not.

yes...especially if he is just so handsome

Tell the truth & let him know how you feel.Then see what happens next.The worst that could happen is he rejects you.

I don´t think so, but he has a crush on her!

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