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Most dashes have printed circuits which can crack.

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Q: Why would your dash cluster with speedometer etc go out?
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What is a dash cluster?

a dash cluster, is the gauges and lights etc that are grouped together in front of the driver,

Where is the cluster located in a 1996 dodge caravan?

Usually, 'cluster', refers to the instrument/gauge cluster or instrument/gauge panel that the driver looks at, containing the speedometer, fuel gauge, etc.

I do not know what an instrument cluster is?

An instrument cluster is what displays basic information in your car. Information like the speedometer, fuel level, care temperatures... etc. Cars nowadays are mostly made with a digital instrument cluster.

What does the instrument cluster do?

Cluster means all the gauges and warning lights on a vehicle i.e. fuel gauge,temp gauge speedometer, odometer, oil pressure warning lights etc.

What could be wrong if the window instrument cluster is not working on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

We had a 1996 Camry. The window activation constantly blew a fuse for the speedometer, dash lights, etc. My mechanic said over the phone that it was a wire short in the drivers door, and sure enough, that was it.

1985 Nissan 300zx turbo bought from a friend of mine the whole dash doesn't work spedomoeter fuel gauge etc checked all fuses relays what should you do?

If you have a digital cluster then you need a new cluster.

What does body control module on a 1992 Seville do?

BCM's run dash components (eg:Digital odometer, speedometer) door locks seats etc on most cars.

Do 2005 acura rl's let you know when you have a light out ex headlight brake light etc?

yes itll say bulb failure on the dash by the speedometer

What would cause the odometer to stop working in a 1994 Cougar XR7 3.8 V-6?

If the speedometer continues to work - probably a broken gear etc. in speedometer head and probably will have to be replaced. If speedometer does not work -- probably a broken speedometer cable

Your 2001 accent dash board lights won't work all other lights work but the panel housing the speedometer etc doesn't?

check fuses.bulbs,leds.loose wires

What do the various symbols mean on the dashboard of a 2001 Bluebird Bus?

If you mean the dash board (speedometer, gas guage etc) and not the control board ( it has all the heater, interior lights and so on). The dash board was provided by the company that built the chassis. International, Spartan, Sterling etc. Thats who you need to ask.

Your dash light and the light showing if you am in park drive etc goes off then will flick on for a few minutes then off again. It makes it hard to drive at night as you can not see your speed.?

If a dash light is flickering on and off, it could be that the light is loose. Check to make sure that the light for the speedometer and the dash are in the holders that keep them from dropping out of the dash.

How do you fix the lights on a 86 lebaron digital dash?

The light bulbs for the icon-displays (seatbelts, check engine, etc.) can be easily replaced after removing the instrument cluster bezel (4 screws after cluster removed from vehicle). However, if you are talking about the "digital display" such as speedometer, fuel gauge, engine temperature, oil pressure, etc., that is all tied into the electronic circuitry behind the display and would need the services of a professional that repairs digital instrument clusters. Check Hemmings for those that do that type of work. Your only other option would be to try and obtain a "used" instrument cluster that works properly from recyclers or on the Internet. Good luck, they haven't been made in over 25 years and anything that works will probably be at at premium. Plus, usually no guarantee on used parts.

Can bad instrument cluster affect AC turn signals etc on 323 CI?

Yes, a bad instrument cluster can affect those things. Mine just went and my AC, Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, gas guage, turn signals and temp guage all failed. Good luck!!

How do I access the PRNDL window if the indicator has slipped down out of site?

you can count the clicks to as first would be reverse then w would be neutral and drive would be the third click other than that if the wire has disconnected it is connected directly under the steering column bowl and just snaps on. if the needle broke than its a big job removing the speedometer cluster etc.

What is cluster mean in 1999 Ford Escort?

a cluster is the panel that tells you your speed, rpm, etc.. they usually call it your cluster panel.

How do you change the speed cable?

Not sure if this will help, but on most cars now, there isn't a "speed cable", there is just wires that go to the sensor on the transaxle (transmission) that goes up to the instrument cluster (speedometer, tach, gaugees, etc...).

How does one replace the dashboard light in a 1983 MB 300TD?

The lights around in the speedometer cluster are changed by pulling the cluster forward. There is a special tool to make this easier and to not damage the dash, but I always removed the kick panel on the driver's side and reached up underneath and gently, but firmly pushed it out. Once out, remove the speedo cable and wiring harness and you can remove the whole cluster by guiding it around the steering wheel. The lights on the center switches (sunroof etc are all lighted by one light fed through fiber optic cable from behind the heater control switches.

How would you remove a OES Linux node from the cluster?

Remove the node from the existing cluster.Do a "cluster leave" on the node you want to remove from the cluster.In iManager go to cluster options and delete the cluster server object that represents the node you wish to remove.Clean up the old configurationFind out your current version of novell-cluster-services with"rpm -q novell-cluster-services" Make sure you know this version when it comes to reinstalling.Remove the novell-cluster-services rpm ie. (rpm -e novell-cluster-services- all files in /etc/opt/novell/ncsDelete the /etc/sysconfig/NCS file

How can you fix the lights in the instrument panel of a 1994 Lexus ES300?

try going to a junk yard that can sell u a replacement speedometer cluster for about 50 bucks or so... have them test it for you.... if its good then you can ix your old one at your spare time.... with replacement bulbs, etc that you can get on ebay.... remember to disconnect your car battery when removing anything and dont try to turn the car on with out the speedometer on.......... good luck...try banging on the dash above the instrument panel. It worked on mine.Continued...if the banging on the dash works, that means the filaments in the bulb are broken. they may regain contact for a while after you shake it (banging on the dash) but eventually you'll have to replace the bulbs. fortunately they're not the expensive kind, just the typical push-in bulb #194. takes about an hour to remove the cluster and then you can see the bulbs on the back (in little black or green holders) remove the holders, swap the bulbs, then reinstall.

How do you go about replacing the speedometer cable for a 95 Nissan Altima?

1995 nissans do not use a speedometer cable ,they are electronic via sen unit speedometer unit ecm etc.

Does the fuel speedometer etc gauges of a 1997 Mercedes c280 require fuses?

yes on my vehicle it is in the cluster on the driver side when the door is opened remove the cap one of the fuse box (called power and distribution panel) there are several of those

What words has the Greek root meter in it?

speedometer, gyronmeter, etc.

Where is the instrument cluster on 1999 dodge caravan?

The cluster is the part that includes the speedo, odometer, fuel gauge, etc...

2003 f250 super duty 4 door 5 4 gas you keep blowing the fuse to your dash gauges speedometer rpm gas gauge etc and the battery will not charge you replaced the alternator and the battery?

you have a dead short in the wireing.