Why would your dash lights flicker and your radio turn off when you push the brakes?


Hey bud, With all different circuits being effected as they are , you have a earthing fault. Check your earth between body and - batt and to engine also.

Try looking into the Transmission Range Sensor. I had the problem of my radio cutting out when I went into reverse. Then, it also went out when I braked and sometimes when I turned corners. Then it went out all together. At about the time this happened, my fasten seat belt light started flickering. The real concerning part for me was that my power steering has become unreliable too. Other things that have gone wrong all at this same time are my window wipers and my power windows. I've been looking for help on this site and found these two questions (adresses pasted below) and think it might be the same thing, although I haven't had the chance to try this and see if it fixes it.

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