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Why would your dashboard lights not be working is it a fuse or light bulb?


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2012-04-14 01:02:18
2012-04-14 01:02:18

Is your fuse blown? I have the same problem with my truck. Are any other lights out, or just the instrument panel lights? Often the fuse powers other things. For instance my instrument panel lights are out and so are my running lights. I have found that I have a short somewhere in the wiring. If you replace the fuse and it blows again It is probable that you do as well. I am not sure that the instrument panel is a bulb or not could be analog lights. I am working on the same problem now.

AnswerDid you install a radio>? It is a common mistake to use the instrument light wire as a ground. If not, It could be a fuse, the dimmer switch, or the bulb, as a rule, all the lights dont blow at the same time. Some cars use a dimmer module, newer and high end imports especially going back (in my experience to 92 and possibly earlier in imports).


fuses,dimmer switch,head light moduel,daytime running light sensor,night time running light sensor all been replaced. The dashlights,nor any of the turn signals will come on AT NIGHT?? WHAT WOULD CAUSE THIS/


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The fuse probably blew that controls the dashboard lights.

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The dash light dimmer switch is either turned off or is defective. jd

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Some cars have a knob for the headlights. If this knob is turned left or right when pulled out, it changes the brightness of the dashboard lights from off to full brightness.

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The bulb is burnt out. If the problem was a fuse, then all brake lights and probably the dashboard lights would be out as well.

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warning lights on dash mean something is wrong u would have a generator light a temp , and an oil light

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