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The engine is overheating - see a mechanic for a professional diagnosis .

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Q: Why would your engine get hot and show check engine light?
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How do you check engine light for a 94 Acura Integra?

To check a engine light you need some kind of scan tool and it will show you what kind of code or codes is set for the engine light to go off.

Retrieving Toyota check engine code without scanner?

Jumping the pin connector on the ECU will allow the check engine light to flash on the dash console. The check engine light will flash repeatedly and show codes.

2003 GMC Envoy Why would your check engine light come on after starting on a VERY cold day I tried starting it a few times to no luck after it warmed up a bit it started but the engine light is on?

Drive it for a few days and log some miles on it and the check engine light may go out. Mine used to set a check engine light on really hot days here in the desert. I was told then engine and the computer have to go thru x amoutn of cycles and if the problem doesn't show up during those cycles, the check engine light will turn off. Enevtually the light came on to stay and my problem turned out to be a weak fuel pump.

How would you know if the throttle positioning sensor is bad 0n your 2002 35year special edition camaro?

I would think that the check engine light would go on and the code would show the TPS is out of range.

Does engine light come on with ignition on fiesta td 02?

Yes, when you turn on the ignition the Check Engine light will come on for a few seconds to show you the light is working. It will go out if no problem is detected.

Why would your check engine light come?

your check engine light could come on for many different reasons, it could even be something as small as your gas cap isn't on tight enough but the best way to find out is to take it to autozone and use one of thier guns, it will show you everything that is wrong with the car to an extent and its free

Will your check engine light come on if you need an oil change in a 2000 dodge grand caravan?

no the check engine light won't come on for that vehicle engine light are mainly for emissions related items...if you have a overhead centre console that shows the direction and gas lilage and all that stuff it will show up as perform service soon

Can a vacuum air leak cause a check engine light?

Yes, and it may show up as a random misfire.

What could be the problem if my 1987 acura legend did not pass the smog because check engine light was not working.?

The check engine light comes on when you turn the key to the on position to show you that it is not burnt out. If it doesn't come on for that brief period then the bulb just needs to be replaced.

Warning light on 2002 sebring car show an engine?

It is your "check engine" light. It is telling you that something is wrong with the engine or engine controls. It could be minor or major. You will need to get the "codes" read to find out the problem. Use a code scanner to find out what is wrong.

What are the signs of a leaking intake manifold?

Leaking antifreeze? An exterior leak would show up with a puddle on the ground. An interior leak would show up in your engine oil with a milky goop on the dipstick or under oil cap, not a good thing. Vacuum leak? A vacuum leak would give you a crappy idle and probably the check engine light would come on with a code for a lean condition.

Ford Escort check engine light comes idles rough and stalls?

If the "check engine" light is on, use a code scanner to find out what's wrong. You can borrow, rent or buy a code scanner from most auto parts retailers. Sometimes they'll even show you how to connect it and how to read the results.

What causes 2004 cadillac deville to show check engine light p0741?

Trouble code P0741 means:Torque converter clutch circuit performance or stuck on

What are symptoms your car will give if you need a stronger fuel pump?

Check engine light may illuminate and related codes may show a lean condition.

What if the check engine light does not flash 1992 accord?

Normally it does not flash. It only flashes when there is a serious problem. It will come steadily on when there is a problem but it is not critical. It will come on for a few seconds when you first start the engine. This is to show you it is working.

Why did the Ford focus warning light not come on when the oil was low?

The warning light will not come on because you have a separate oil gauge on the Ford Focus. This is the gauge that you should watch and it will show you that you are low on oil; do not rely on the check engine light to alert you of it.

How do you turn off service engine soon light on 2002- 3500 duramax?

there is always a reason why your vehicle will show the check engine or service engine soon light. I would suggest figuring out why it is on first. Start by bringing it to an Auto Zone they will hook it up to a computer, most of the time their machine will give multiple reason's why your light is on but sometimes they will tell you exactly what it's free so that is you first stop. If your not seeing a difference in the performance of the vehicle it could be something as simple as an exhaust leak which would probably show up on the computer as low emissions, however if your tranny is overheating the light will come on. That is why it is important to know why it is on. The best way to clear the code is to fix the problem and then disconnect your battery for a few mins.

Can you show Chrysler 300 warning lights signs?

i have a chrysler 300 touring 2010 that has a light that looks like an engine on what does that mean? That is the Check Engine light. It is on because the computer (ECU) has detected a problem with the emissions system. Seek the help of a professional in diagnosing and repairing the problem.

Where would cause the engine to rock hard when put into drive on a 2001 Chevy Cavalier?

You need to check all of the mounts. Get a manual to show you where they are.

Fault code 55 on the check engine light?

If you are checking a Chrysler/Dodge 55 is "end of message". It just means that there are no more codes to show. If that is the only code you got , then there are no codes.

Isuzu Rodeo check trans light?

The check trans light may light up in an Isuzu Rodeo, because there are problems with the transmission, The light will show up on the cars dashboard.

How do i set the timing if i didn't mark the distributor on a 1996 350 vortec?

The timing on that engine is controled by the computer. You can not use a timing light. The only thing you can do is move the distributor enough to get the engine to run and have power and that is called the base timing. When it does run and the engine light is not on then you got lucky, but if the check engine light comes on, then you will have to get an engine scanner and hook it up and go into the timing mode and move the distributor until you get the cam and crank in time. The scanner will show you when it is in time and the engine light will go off. Tighten distributor and your done. The computer will do the rest.

Why would your 2004 Sunfire be over revving?

your sunfire is revving if the idle is set to high, or when adjusted. the idle is high also when the engine needs to warm up in cold weather. there is also the possibility that the engine temp sensor needs to be replaced, for it is not relaying proper heat temp. the light on your dash may show you engine temp, check this. if unable to do this yourself, you may need your cars manual.

Where is the check engine light on a mark 3 golf vr6?

It will be right in the cluster(Where your spedo is and the tach) It is bright yellow if it doesn't show up then the bulb is burnt out which means it was on for a really long time.

Can check engine light show after an engine is washed?

Yes, if water penetrated into an electrical connecter.Yes, if water penetrated into an electrical connecter.