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probably because your ex wants to get back with you or the best friend wants to get with you...

The best friend fancies you, hon.

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Why does your friend keep asking you if you could would you go out with his girl friend?

Have you tried asking him? ya

How do you prevent PCP?

PCP is a drug, the only real way to prevent it would be to not do it.... not sure if that's what you are asking

Is it appropriate for a friend that you have invited over to invite one of their friends that you don't now to come along?

Unless your friend phoned you to ask you if it was alright with you if she brought another friend along then no, it is not appropriate that she would just bring another friend along. However, your friend may feel so relaxed around you she may have thought you would not mind and meant no harm doing so. You should let her know you do not appreciate her coming over with another friend without asking you first.

How do you get your friend to stop asking people out for you?

Tell your friend that it is starting to annoy you and that you would like to choose for yourself who you would like to go out with.

What kind of psychiatric association would try to prevent people from asking sound questions about every kind of psychiatry?

No legitimate psychiatric organization would try and prevent people from asking sound, legitimate questions about psychiatry.

What if your friend wanted to crossdress in your clothes?

I would tell my friend not to wear my clothes without asking me first!

My friend would like to become a werewolf in real life how would she do it?

Ok Im not asking for a nonbielever to answer im asking for you epic people out thier.

What does it mean if a guy asks you if you two are friends?

It means he is asking if you and your friend are friends to each other. The answer would be "yes". Or He could be asking if you are a friend to him. The answer is either "yes" or "no" depending on what you feel.

Why would my friend pressure someone into asking me to homecoming?

Cause he hates u ;)

Why would a guy friend side hugs you tight without asking?

He miss you

How do you go out with your friend's brother?

DUMB MOVE! You shouldn't If she is your friend she would be really mad. I would recomend asking your friend. If my friend did that i would be so unexplainably mad! If she says yes just say "Wanna go out sometime" Tell me if it works. DUMB MOVE! You shouldn't If she is your friend she would be really mad. I would recomend asking your friend. If my friend did that i would be so unexplainably mad! If she says yes just say "Wanna go out sometime" Tell me if it works.

What does it mean if a girl is asking you out and another girl too is inviting you out?

Just means that the two women find you very attractive, it would be up to you my friend to figure out which one you would like to go out with, I would recommend not dating the both of them obviously.

What does former friend mean?

A former friend is a person who used to be a friend, but for some reason is no longer a friend. Another term would be ex-friend.

You would like to kiss your male friend and you are male is this ok?

It is okay to WANT to kiss your male friend - but you do not kiss anyone (male or female, friend or not) without asking their permission.

What is another word for a friend who would help in a fight?

a saviour ,

How would you know whether your gal friend likes sex or not?

Answer You could try asking her, that would be a good first step in your relationship

If you were president in 1860 what would you have done to prevent the Civil War?

i would have asked another country to help.

How can you prevent a best friend from moving in with you?

Tell your best friend that you don't have room. or it would be best if she/he didnt move in. i mean they can just move in without your permission.

What is a caterpillars best friend?

Well, another caterpillar I would think.

Who is the hottest Kardashian sister?

That would be a personal question, depending on the person. Try asking a friend or a family member.

Should you ask a friend if she has feelings for you even though you know that asking would make her feel uncomfortable?


Will your best friend be your husband?

Usually your best friend tends to be your mate however, we do also have other bestfriends. If you are asking if your current best friend is going to be your husband that would depend on the two of you and time will tell.

How do you ask your friend out?

If its a friend i would suggest being there person for her/him and showing that you can be an ideal bf/gf, then try asking the person out on a friendly sort of date and it should grow from there

He asked if my friend likes me is he jealous of my friend I asked if he was jealous he said no?

Its unlikely that he would admit to being jealous. He's asking because he's obviously showing an interest!

What happen if i becomes friend with an gay would he like me?

If you become friends with a gay guy, you have made another friend. Whether your gay friend would like you depends on how he feels about you. You may or may not be his type.