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This one's easy...I can't count how many times that I have mentioned to people how I believe that two that used to see each other have a hard time trying to just be friends. To me, either or the both of you still have the old feelins' bouncing around...I would recommend that you two go your own ways,...or,.. reach out again in the name of -you know.... Good luck! ...BB

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Why would your ex ask you if you are dating?

He/she could be either jealous or wants to make you jealous if he/she has a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Why would you ex boyfriend be jealous of you and other guys if he has a girlfriend?

He probably wants you back because your new man is better than he is

Are you a jealous girlfriend?

no i would sit by and watch my bf flirt with another girl

Would a boy get jealous if someone fancied his girlfriend?

either that or pissed off.

Should you be jealous because your girlfriend loves male singers?

Well, you shouldn't be concernd about your girlfriend liking male singers. If the Singers a famous i don't see how that would be a problem, she just has a little crush on a famous person like every other girl does. So you shouldn't be jealous.

Why is my girlfriend jealous from a PC?

I would assume that you're are spending too much time at your computer, and not enough time devoted entirely to your girlfriend.

What do you call a girl cousin who's jealous of her other cousins?

I think you would perhaps call her "unfortunate" and "lonely." My next question would be to the writer of the ?, how do you know she is jealous...of what or whom is she jealous, and why do you believe she is jealous?

Why would people get on somebody relationship?

people that are wanting to date your boyfriend or girlfriend are jealous of the relationship that your in and they want to be you .

What to do if your girlfriend breaks up with you but she still looks at you?

Make things right with her and become a couple again. I know it's bad but you kind of have to make her jealous. I am a girl and if I saw my ex flirting with other girls even though I broke up with me, I would be jealous. I would think "whoa he moved on..." So, you have to make the girl jealous... Good Luck!!

Why does your ex girlfriend try to make you jealous?

Your ex girlfriend wants you back so she is flirting with other young men to try and make you jealous and realize that you do love her. It sounds as if you do love her or you would not have asked the question. If you do love her and had problems in your relationship then try dating again and working out your differences. If you don't love her then ignore her when she tries to make you jealous and move on in your life.

Your girlfriend has a guy friend and they txt each other to much?

I would tell her i have no problem with you talking to other guys but sometimes it makes me feel jealous and how would you like it if i was always texting a girl. Turn it around a little and see how she would feel she may not even know that its bothering you and may be trying to see how much you care and if you'll get jealous. And if that doesn't work try to ask the guy to lay off a little say i know your friends and all but she is my girlfriend.

What do you do if your best friends ex boyfriend is jealous of my boyfriend?

well if your bestfriends ex boyfriend is jealous of your boyfriend then tell him to get a new girlfriend or make him even more jealous for your frend because I'm pretty sure she would like that

Would you go out with your exboyfriend?

No, they are an ex for a reason. Its time to move on.

How can you get your exboyfriend back who is your best friend but he has a girlfriend they got together 1day after we broke up?

well you should be nice to your friend and his girlfriend. im not sure if it will work though. kinda act like you would be a better girlfriend than ur friends girlfriend. i dnt know what else to add. sorry if its not a helpful answer. Good luck

Why would your ex girlfriend text you and try to make you jealous after she breaks up with you and has a new bf?

Some women don't want their old boyfriends anymore but they don't want the other person to move on either. It is a way of seeing if she can make you jealous and keep you attached to her.

How do you get someone to stop being jealous of your relationship with someone else so that you can kiss your Gilrfriend without the jealous person getting upset?

Tell that jealous person that if they really liked you then they would only want you to be happy, and that your girlfriend makes you happy.

Is Selena Gomez jealous of Demi Lovato?

Selena is Demi's best friend, why would she be jealous of her? What kind of a question is this, they are best friends, they cant be jealous of each other!!!

Why would a guy lie to his girlfriend about talking to another girl who he claims is just a friend?

Although a guy tells his girlfriend that a girl he was talking to is just a friend, some woman do not believe there boyfriend, or are still jealous of the other girl. So some guys will lie about talking to the girl so as not to upset there girlfriend.

How can you make your girlfriend jealous?

Well most of the time just talking to another girl get her jealous... See I am a girl and I would know but if you really want to make her jealous, hug other girls and pretend to be mad at her .... Ignore her and see what happens. She will defiantly crawl back if she likes you, but if she doesn't really like you any more then you should be the one chasing her It's not advisory to >try< to make her jealous if you really love her.

Why do some men want to prove that their wife or girlfriend is superior to their sister or sisters?

because they might want to marry their girlfriend and i would say to make men's sister feel jealous

What is the comparative and superlative of jealous?

The comparative would be more jealous and the superlative would be most jealous.

Would a boy try to get your attention by sitting with his girlfriend but keep looking at you?

Yes most likely he is trying to make u jealous!

What if your ex girlfriend got jealous when she saw you with another girl but denies she feels anything?

It appears you are playing games with your ex girlfriend and trying your hardest to make her jealous. Did it occur to you that she really is not that jealous, but perhaps just hurt that you would rub her nose in it. Think about that! If you love your ex then stop playing games and see if the two of you can get back together. If you no longer have any feelings for her then never mind what she thinks one way or the other and do not go out of your way to make her jealous. shes crazy run while you can.if she catches you shell superglue your testicles to the inside o your legg

Is it ok for your boyfriend to be jealous of you?

I would say no... but it depends how jealous he is? why is he jealous?

How does a boy make a girl jealous?

I don't know why you would want to make a girl jealous ( I am a girl) but I'll help.Girls can only really be made jealous of other girls, boyfriends, ex boyfriends or the person they fancy. if you are not any of these people you have no hope.If you are her boyfriend: flirt a little with other girls (not too much)and hang around with your friends a little more.If you are her ex: get a new girlfriend, have a really good time with her and boast about it a lot so that everyone knows.If they fancy you: Flirt with other girls and their friends. Its really hard to get these people jealous!