Why would your ex-boyfriend email you after a very bad break-up?

There are times when we have conflicts in our relationships, and none of us usually learn to walk away and cool off, then come back and talk about it and come to some amicable agreement, so many people just get angry and split up. Once some people have split-up they first feel relief they are out of the relationship, but as time goes by (even a short time) some people come to realize how much they miss that person. Seems like your ex boyfriend is going down memory lane and misses you. Instead of playing games by email, offer to meet somewhere and act like two adults and decide if your relationship is worth saving. Each of you has got to give a little, and make the rules and expectations from each of you loud and clear so there are no further misunderstandings. One key factor in any good relationship is "communication." If he doesn't want to meet with you or tells you he doesn't want a relationship, then tell him to hit the road! Good luck Marcy