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Perhaps she still holds a grudge for what you did prior to the last two months. Or perhaps it's a case of "familiarity breeds contempt." It could be that at some level she loves you but really doesn't enjoy your company any longer. In other words, you annoy her and she acts out by being generally mean to you. Or perhaps she's on very good behavior when she's trying to impress other people, but since she may think she no longer has to impress you, her natural nasty streak is unleashed on you. Or perhaps she really doesn't want to be in the relationship any longer but doesn't have the heart to end it or doesn't want to be perceived as the bad guy, so she is acting -- consciously or subconsciously -- poorly toward you in order to alienate you and drive you away. Just being a nice guy doesn't always cut it. Do you communicate with her well? Do you talk about her interests or discuss your hopes and dreams together? Do you go out and have fun or do you sit there like a lump? I know many men will go along for the ride with their girlfriends or wives but are not the least bit social and who wants to drag "the rock" around with them if this is the attitude the guy is going to have. It would be to your best interest to learn to communicate and sit down with her and tell her to be honest with you and you be honest with her. You could save this relationship if you still want to.

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