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You could well have a very high opinion of yourself and she isn't suffering as much as you think. You've broken her heart and you know the reason. Still, it appears you are actually titilated by her reaction and high on ego to think you made someone you thought you loved hurt. Be a man and either smarten up and try getting back together with her, or grab reality and leave the poor girl alone. THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE ALWAYS TURNS AROUND AND BITES YOU ON THE BUTT! This means that what you dish out to others (in a bad way) you will get back! Think about that one!

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How would using a thermal blanket be effective when a person is suffering from massive blood loss?

You would most likely use a thermal blanket on a person suffering from massive blood loss to prevent them from going into shock and suffering further complications. It doesn't have any effect on the blood loss in and of itself - you will need to take separate steps to minimize blood loss.

Essay about how people heal after suffering a loss?

You can find an Essay about how people heal after suffering a loss on

What would happen if count dooku killed yoda?

what would happen is yoda would die and the jedi would be suffering a loss of a great hero

Non pecuniary loss?

non financial loss, e.g. loss in the form of pain and suffering or mental duress

What is the meaning of bereaved?

suffering the loss of a loved one.

How does suffering start?

with the infliction of pain or sentimental loss

What is the root all suffering?

loss of food and light.... According to the Buddah, the "root of all suffering is ATTACHMENT"

What is the theme of sir Patrick spens?

suffering & loss, loyalty

How can you tell that your computer is suffering from old age?

It suffers from memory loss.

What can cause a woman to begin suffering from hair loss?

Women can begin suffering from hair loss due to genetics, sickness- such as cancer, chemotherapy, and other diseases that promote the loss of hair such as thyroid issues or autoimmune diseases. Female patterned hair loss connected to one's genetics is called alopecia.

What is an impermeable carbohydrate that is often administered to patients suffering blood loss?


Is the Duke of Cambridge almost bald?

No he still has hair but is suffering hair loss.

What is a wig specialist?

somebody who finds you the perfect wig, after suffering hair loss

What is the true meaning of suffering?

The state of a person or thing that suffers pain or loss

What is sentence for the word extreme?

The tornadoes in America caused extreme loss and suffering.

Can laxatives aid weight loss?

Laxatives can indeed aid in weight loss. That is the reason why laxatives are used by individuals suffering from anorexia nervosa.

What does demented mean?

Mentally ill; insane.Suffering from dementia or a loss of cognitive function

Why is dehydration a problem for people suffering from gastroenteritis?

Diarrhea cause a large fluid loss.

What are the symptoms of a person suffering from asbestos lung?

Asbestos lung disease is also called asbestosis. The symptoms of a person suffering from asbestos lung disease are chest pain, coughing, difficulty swallowing, loss of appetite, weight loss and blood in the sputum.

Can Shadow The Hedgehog have a girlfriend?

Shadow doesn't want a girlfriend. He is still sad about the loss of maria, so yeah no girlfriends.

What are signs that someone is suffering from bulimia?

Broken blood vessels in the faceLoss of tooth enamel

How do you deal with a suffering loss?

write there feelings down bring gifts and flowers to memorial/grave

Why is death the root of suffering of humans?

It's been said, but, personally, I think it's not necessarily true. I suppose someone would think that because death goes hand in hand with loss, and it's through loss which others typically feel suffering. In the case of a homicide, guilt could also play into it. And death is often a consequence for many things it shouldn't be.

When expenses are more than income is called?

Their is a LOSS of income, or loss for the business operation. You can have either a LOSS or a PROFIT or possibly break even with neither a loss or a profit.

Is scratching the cue ball in eight ball on the break result in a loss?

No, a scratch on the break in 8 ball is not a loss of game - this gives the opposing player ball in hand behind hte head string. Under some rules, if the 8 ball goes in on the break and there is a scratch, it is loss of game.