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From my experience, communication is probably the most important factor within a relationship. The fact that your girlfriend lies at all is a huge issue and needs to stop. How can you trust her on bigger issues that may come to the forefront in the future, and possibly with children involved, should she continue to lie? Your girlfriend may have issues that contribute to her inability to tell the truth from her family history, etc. If you care enough, you can help her delve into this with professional help, however, you need to sit down with her and let her know that this cannot continue. A good base to any relationship involves open, honest communication.

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How do you get a girlfriend at the age of ten?

Start by asking a girl to be your girlfriend (but only after youv gotten to know her atleast a little bit). Your much too young to be kissing and stuff but you guys could still hang out.

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How do you know if your lesbian girlfriend is lying to you about how she got pregnant?

With so little information the only two ways your girlfriend could have gotten pregnant is by having a sexual relationship with another man or being impregnated by donated sperm. It is not uncommon for a lesbian to change to bisexual or even heterosexual. You need to sit down with your girlfriend and be stern enough by asking her where your relationship is at and trust and loyalty is at the top of the list in a relationship.

How do you show your girlfriend that you love her?

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My new girlfriend is 26 and she's slept with 17 guys total Is this OK or too high a number?

If you truly care about your girlfriend, than what she has done in her past shouldn't matter. Tell her how you feel about it and maybe that will make you feel a little better about the situation because you have gotten it off your chest. Be thankful that she trusts you enough to talk to you about her past relationships because usually that can be very difficult.

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