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A guinea pig may die, even if it is only one year old. This can happen due to malnutrition or a health condition.

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Q: Why would your guinea pig die at only 1 year old?
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Can guinea pigs eat cheerios?

no it contains honey and guinea pigs only eat fruits and vegis if they ate a cherrio he/she would be sure to die.

Is it ok for a guinea pig to eat carpet?

It will not hurt it but should not be the only thing they eat as they would die of malnutrition.

What would happen to the insects if all of the guinea fowl died?

There would be bad things that happened to insects if all of the guinea fowl died. These insects that fed on the guinea fowl would also die.

How does a guinea pig die?

the same way you would die quiet and peacefully

Do guinea pigs like it hot?

no they would die :)

Which one would fit a daycare Guinea pig or hamster?

Guinea pig, hamsters will get scared and will die of shock.

How many people die each year because of Guinea worm disease?

None - or very few. Virtually all deaths caused by Guinea worm stem from secondary infections. With under 200 cases worldwide this year, it is almost certain no one will die as a result of Guinea worm.

Why would my guinea pig suddenly die?

Guinea's mostly die because of the HABITAT they live in and the amount of space they have and possibly the atmosphere, Guinea's need alot of space because in order for them to be able to breath well, the fumes have to be wide and for that to happen, they would need lots of space and air ;)

Can the male guinea pig die after mating?

no it will not die i have a male guinea pig he did not die from mating

Is it strange for a 3 year old guinea pig to die?

My 3 year old guinea pig recently died, she was a small guinea pig and purer bred than my other 5 pigs which can cause shorter life spans. She may have also been sick.

Can guinea pigs die if they are poisoned?

Guinea pigs, or any other organism, can die if they are poisoned. However a pet guinea pig eats only what you feed it, and therefore is not likely to be poisoned. It is relatively rare for assassins to sneak into someone's house in order to poison their guinea pig. But one never knows, in these uncertain times.

Can guinea pigs go in water?

definatly not that would scare them and they can die from fright

What happens if a Guinea pig cant poo?

The guinea pig would become more and more ill until the guinea pig might be prone to other problems and maybe even die.

What would happen if guinea pigs had nothing to chew?

A guinea pigs teeth would keep growing longer if he didn't wear them down chewing and he would finally die. Other rodents do the same thing.

What do guinea pigs die from in old age?

pigs from guinea what do die in from age old ?

How do guinea pigs die?

Um, they die when they are sick or old. Guinea pigs die because of many causes.

What would happen to your guinea pig if he ate a piece of ribbon?

he wont die but will be constipated

Can a guinea pig die from fright?

Yes, guinea pigs can die from fright. They can get heart attacks and die. It is best to keep your guinea pig cage in a place where there is not to many loud noises.

Do guinea pigs die easily from being wet?

no, guinea pigs do not die easily from wetness.

Are raisins good for guinea pigs?

No you should never give raisins to guinea pigs they will die if you do. Only feed them guinea pig nuggets or other guinea pig food especially for them or fruit and vegetables but don't give them runny foods like tomatoes.

Why would a newborn guinea pig die?

mabe it had a diesease of something like heart failure

Will guinea pigs die of vitamin deficiency?

Yes Guinea Pigs will die of Vitamin defiecy. Guinea Pigs are prone to Vitamin C defiecy-memyselfandi12312

What if a mouse ate guinea pig food and the guinea pig ate after the mouse will the guinea pig die?

it depends! if the mouse had rabies or a bad sickness then the guinea pig coud POSSIBLE die. but not very likely.

How do you know when a guinea pig is going to die?

You know when a guinea pig is going to die when his behavior dramatically changes from before. If the guinea pig stops drinking he will eventually die from dehydration. It is completely normal for guinea pigs to eat continuously throughout the day, and something is definitely wrong if he stops eating. A guinea pigs' body will be light and limp with no energy. If the guinea pigs' eyes are not bright or clear and starts to recede, then the guinea pig is slowly dying. He will give the most painful screeches as he struggles to breathe. The guinea pig is only minutes from dying when lies down and breathes with his entire front teeth showing. It will be too late when his breathing comes to an end and his heart finally stops.

What kills a guinea pig?

guinea pigs can die from fright, eating something poisonus to them and some can die from lonliness