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Guinea pigs can be midget kick boxers! LOL Sometimes they do it because they feel off balance and sometimes they just don't feel like being handled and are letting you know it.

Alot of the time, when a piggy kicks like that she is "Popcorning". Pigs do this when they are excited or happy.

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Can guineas pigs kill rabbits?

no not really normally the rabbit hurts the guinea pig by kicking it with its hind legs. I would recommend not to put them in a cage together.

How do martial artists keep their legs up when kicking?

It's a combination of leg strength and balance.

Does kicking you legs help you jump higher?


What is kinetic energy in soccer?

Anything from a person's legs kicking the ground to run, or kicking a ball.

Can guinea pigs break their legs?

Depending on how they fall or get hurt, yes Guinea pigs can break their legs.

What are giraffes legs used for?

For walking running and kicking

What rhymes with chicken legs?

kicking pegs ;D

Where did the phrase kick the habit come from?

From the 19th century epidemic of opiate abuse. kicking of the legs, muscle pain in the extremities, restless leg syndrome, all symptoms of opiate withdrawal. when one would cease the use of opiates withdrawal would follow, kicking, stretching and twitching of the legs is a key symptom. therefore to stop using opiates, one was kicking the habit.

Can you have a rabbit and a guinea pig?

In general, the two will live together happily. A large rabbit can potentially injure a guinea pig by kicking it with its powerful legs. However normally the two species are fine to put together, and they are commonly placed together in pet shops.

How do you keep a goat from kicking when you are milking it?

if you have a side bar on your milking stand, you just tie one of the back legs to it with a old dog collar or leash

What sport can i play to shape up my legs?

Well, I would suggest soccer or swimming because you need to use your legs for that but all in all I would say soccer because it has a lot of running and kicking. :)

Do zebras protect themselves by kicking out their back legs?

Yes, they do!

What is RSL plus list 3 symptoms?

Uncontrollable movements of legs, feelings of electricity thru legs, jumping and or kicking legs

How does wolves swim?

Wolves swim by kicking the water with their strong legs.

How many legs do hamster and guinea pigs have?

Four legs for both species

Can guinea pigs legs cramp?

Not really.

Soccer ball kicking involve muscle?

yes it does it involves legs muscle

How does an African dwarf frog move throughout its habitat?

by kicking its hind legs

A term in soccer for kicking a ball through an opponents legs?

nutmeg, meg

What if your dog is resting and kicking her legs?

if it looks uncomfortable, consult a vet to be safe.

What did the horses use to escape its enemies?

kicking biteing and running that's why they have such long legs

How do you kick a nrl ball high and far?

Well in order to have power, you have to work your legs. You legs need to be strong. Then you practice kicking the ball.

Why do guinea pigs have short legs?

They don't. Their legs are in proportion to their bodies - they don't need to be any bigger.

How guinea pigs move in its habitat?

They walk on four legs.

What if a guinea pigs back legs are pink?

That is completely normal :)

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