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sometimes its because somebody put in a light bulb wrong & is back feeding the system.

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Q: Why would your headlights and dash lights go on when you press the brake pedal?
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Why do your headlights come on when you press the brake pedal on your 01' s10-blazer?

The only way your headlights can come on when you press on the brake pedal is a crossed wire. The brake light wire and the headlight wire can be frayed and touching each other.

Why would a 2002 Chevy Express brake lights work when the headlights are off but when you the headlights are turned on the brake lights are on and go off when you press the pedal?

i found it to be the tail light harnesses go bad . a common problem with them because the bulb sockets short out.

Why do your brake lights not come on when you press the brake pedal?

you probally need to replace the bulbs

What does a brake light switch do?

just as the name it makes the brake lights come on when u press on the brake pedal

Your brakes lights stay on not all the time what do you is a Chevy truck 2002?

Under the brake pedal is a brake light switch that when you press the pedal it hits it and makes your lights come on..sometimes when they get weak the pedal depresses them simply from the weight of the pedal and they stay on..Have a friend get inside the truck and pull UP on the brake pedal as you look at the lights..if the brake lights go off when they pull up on it..then it is that switch under the brake pedal

Why does my 1997 grand marquis brake lights stay on?

More than likely there is a switch near the top of the brake pedal that is faulty. It usually looks like a small button that is released when you press on the brake pedal which turns on the brake lights.

Why do Ford Laser 1997 brake lights stay on?

it's somthing under the brake pedal, it's sticking and just needs to be loosened. you'll also find when you press the pedal in, the brake lights will go off.

How can someone know if brake lights are not working?

put your foot on the brake pedal and press down while some one looks at the brake light to see if it lights up

Why no brake lights when head lights turned on?

if you have no brake lights it will most likely be one of 3 things a blown fuse bad ground wire or under the brake pedal you will find a small switch that the pedal hits when you press on the pedal the switch does go bad but is easily replaced and usually not too expensive

When you press the brake pedal the rear brake lights wont come on?

Check the fuse, bulbs and actual regulator switch in that order

Your trailer tail lights go out when you press the brake pedal?

You have a poor or no ground between the vehicle and trailer.

How do you fix it when I press the brake pedal the brake lights flash but do not stay steady until the brake pedal is pushed down hard on a 1989 Grand Marquis?

Adjust or replace the stoplight switch at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

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