Why would your husband act jealous when he is leaving you to be with another woman?

That would be due to the ex still wanting a back up in my mind. Or that the person thinks they have made a mistake.

This could be them being selfish in a way.

Best thing to do at times is just totally cut the cord. Unless you want the ex back, then, it's really up to you on what to do.

Good question. think i understand your question. First off, you should ask him.

But my guess is that he wants the best of both worlds or it's a possessive thing, and both are not fair to you! Deep down if he still loved you and wanted to make it work, then he would need to let go of the other person. also, are you still physically involved?

Another consideration, do you have children? if so, then maybe he wants to make sure you'll remain a good mom to the kids.

Best thing to do is tell him it's none of his damn business though!!

There's a psychlogical term for his attitude and behavior. It's called 'Projection.'

"According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, psychological projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one "projects" one's own thoughts, motivations, desires, feelings, and so on onto someone else."

For a more in depth explanation in simple terms:

Basic Psychology: Neurosis and Projection

i can bet he blamed you for all things wrong in your relationship too..he is not looking at his actions...only what you did to make him do what he did..easy escape from reality of his selfishness ...also he could be trying to keep you on your toes so he feels just fine having a good time with another woman ..keeps you off track from the real truth ...him playing he is jealous..projection at its finest...there is your answer..he is so wrapped into himself he even tells you by his projection what he is doing!!! look at it! lol women are so much brighter and more intuned - keep your power and dont let anyone disrespect you -

Some people who are doing wrong can't just leave without blowing the place up and turning the finger towards you. It's just his way of "blowing" things up to get you to react. He knows he has done wrong. Jealousy is insecurity in it's UGLIEST form. It's easier to walk away pointing finger then walk away with his tail between someone elses legs.